In journalistic trends, the word God begs as to which one. Subjectivity is proclaimed on both ends of the some editor’s desk. This throws up a red flag. Inserted below are ongoing conclusions on both sides of the globe. Strange as to how nations depend on the disinterment of notions previously laid to rest by erecting some exclusive man-made god (G). Naturally, such scheming bolsters an attempting to give clearer vision, on some assertion, to be made with political weight. Factorially, all civil garrisons, mold their own totem-pole ( phallus ) party representative. Collectively, this anti-social gangrene is of schizophrenic origin. Retrogression declares that before mentioned nations has usurped Lucifer’s icon, pole, as symbolic phallus idolatry by way of erecting the Washington Monument. Ironically, the late million-man march gathered near this magnificently erected pillar of stone actually designed by a global elite of whom do the works of beelzebub and his family of devils housed down within the District of Columbia. The phallus god (G) has existed from ancient times. The gang in Washington allies with alien nations with their pole idolatry in not comprehending as to hundreds of pseudo-religions both East and West have joined hands with Satan. This special prince of darkness labors within the souls both parties being held in check through bribery and regulated whoredom. Between the Rock of Gibraltar, a 2500 mountain on the east coast of the Mediterranean sea, Israel, and the City of Gold, located in London. we have an elite class of ruling elements in forming a triangular web of Satanically-inspired devils in the flesh, intending to set up to remake a modern-day Babylonian empire in accordingly to return Western civilization back into the ages when the Hebrew nation had been in physical and mental slavery. Our western world, United States, future is to become a Third World nation. England is a master tool in the arms of a universal financial trust tied in with our federal reserve and the Bank of England. The world’s most powerful web of drug pushing and masquerader. There is evidence that the CIA protects political and social caluminy through
terrorism and is a front in using the same tactics under the late General Donovan of the OSS. We have the identical political subservience in the CIA as renamed. It just so happens that a well calculated move into the Crimean of Eastern Europe falls in line with pre-Babylonian imperialism. Presently, we have the NATO war machine closely allied with Israel’s military machine. A global Government is galvanized ineluctable eternal hatred of Christianity based upon anti-social perversity and mental degeneracy while dragging along a gutter-god (G) in the service of Lucifer.
Conclusively, the very root of national government be not hindered through mind altering of associated political gangsterism. Actually, each state is nothing but an organized mob under a single ruler ship of alien conniving carpet baggers via controlled religious foraging. The invisible machine of federalized paupers have arranged that each state should be arranged through governor forgery. Re-enforcing this puppetshop requires the absolute distillation of superficial history in creating zombies. The ultimate will reorganizes nihilistically crippled sorties into public offices. Educational level should be rounded out to the level that civil service has plenty assorted draggers would find employment with police or fire depts. The national Educational System is an aggregate of political lackies associative with the national psychiatry industry. America must be dumbed-down and liberalized as a hoodlum’s mockery of degenerated mummery. As a Frankenstein remake alien insiders have pockets of state destabilizers orientating citizens to become mummies.


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