I had been talking with a professor of economics. Having little education myself, i asked him what really was economics. He replied. With me it puts bread and whiskey on my table. This startled me, for this individual was a pillar of the university where he taught. Asked him about the national economy and he replied. Tax all the whore houses in Washington, for the last fifty years and our national debt could be paid off. This made me angry, because he knew that i was ignorant.
Generally, i look up to educated people. I asked him was he Jewish. He replied: I am a gypsy from Romania and sent here on a visa. ( whatever that is ). I always thought that gypsies were Jews, because our Lord, not a ghetto expert, Christ, through a prophet, let them go into Egypt to beat the famine in Canaan. They were cursed by God for doing so, in that them and their seed would never set foot in Egypt again. This site dislikes the chosen people, but what about the Gypsies. Since we have had several Jews in the White House why are you folks down on the Gypsies. We are all equal according to social engineering, why not shove a Romanian into the White House or the state Dept. Hillary Clinton could then give good advice, as how to screw up foreign affairs. We need new blood on capital hill. What do you folks think about this?


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