NATO is a cover for international anti-social poliitical renegades, in the palms of a pseudo-religious occult operating under several global masters harboring shadowy perceptions of a future one-world state. Several Late Political upstarts, presidents, such as Harry Solomon ( know-nothing ) Truman, Teddy ( big-stick ) Roosevelt, and Woodrow ( sycophant ) Wilson. A thin-line of intelletual banditry ran through these posted cowards as reprentitives of our republic. The problem is to what lenghth will any man barter off a soul via political prostutution. America’s two-party philosophy has become fragile. The wiles and ways of national government in committing psychological warfare against true patriotic citizens is far beyond class idiotic consumption, in that pro-communist plants are boring from within in creating what is known as the County/ City, Management System. Yes, past officialdom laid the ground work for the internal privatizing of vast properties, in alliance with various states and alien cooperatives. The very root of this is progressive communism. To maintain this opponent of free capitalism national government must appear to be somew Chat destabalized. The fraudulent concept of in-house terror ( congress ), a masive police-state must be maintained. Conceptionally, we have a gang in office of whom rule in accordance with the Marxian, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin anti-social engineering. Red Russia under Putin has been destroyed. This machine has found roots within the present frame-work as housed within Washinton, D.C.

Bastards come and go but their gut feeling is supreme in supporting socialism because of spiritual conglemerations and oaths to maintain bloodline relations in reorganizing western civilization upon the Oriental religious functionaries–mainly the Near East. Here the benchmark of America’s NATO moves illegally as a usurper of alien lands. Our republic has been gangsterised through liberalism, of which is the hind-seat incipient socialism. Coupling this political manufacturing back to Teddy Roosevelt up to the present ties in with the late Krushcheve remark that America will be taken without firing a shot. With the late President, Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal operation an alliance was made with recognizing Communist Red Russia. There is a thin line between interest capitalism and stabalized communism. As previously mentioned, the management system is naked enslavement patterened after Karl Marx’s Manefesto. Our republic is a staggering confederated of nations, ( states ), in the hands political idolatry. The Parasiticism of milking the treasury through religious or charitable mooching and foundtions is an affront to a free productive people. Free-loading pocket political racketeers are the rotten bastards encourage mob rule, and this is a ploy planned by the liberalized Reds in national and state governoring positions.


As to Eisenhower, this man was the upmost traitor and dirtiest scoundrel in supporting the communist take over in eastern Europe during WW11. This mad-man was a front for the Bolsheviki movement within national government. We construct monuments for pro-socialist traitors and down-grade great men of whom contributed to our republic. Out of respect we drag up Harry S. Truman. This mad-man depended on Joseph Stalin to Stt enform him ( Harry ) as to what the war was all about. Naturally, it didn’t take long to convert Truman to become a sycophant in hock to Near East affairs. This rougue was surrounded by top Russian spies and begged God for a future commie run United Nations Organization. This machine is to become a World State police

power. It is now backing the illegality of NATO in its global imperialistic crawfish design to gobble up helpless nations into a Satanic desire for internationalism. The unrecognized and invisible source is Zionism. The state of Israel opposes

Zionism on the point that racial ties between zionists and Israelites are questionable. The rub here is that President Netanyahu is a stand-in-between.

Unqustionably, we have a backlogue shreading back to Teddy. The merrit of all is a mysterious ineluctable determinism that drives a wedge between Arabia and Israel. To pro-logue this situation Netanyahu becomes devided as to hisis continue in office. The Sanhedren ( supreme court ) is mum. Not sure of with himself, only a war between Israel and Iran will he retain his position. His input with the state Dept and congress is impressive. President Putin threw a wrench into the Crimean affair and foiled Netanyahu’s political iniquity. What the great powers planned by NATO in 1945 has a bitter end for three-gangsters that fronted for a network of invisible global banksters to further their path into a universal government. The end game in keeping the Jewish state and the Arabian nation through racial intagonation via the oil situation has seen its days. Netanyahu’s Mossad and secret police are experts in cruelty. Thus Israel has a police state. Considering the tomorrow of America is difficult. We have criminals as rulers. Too, a police state backed by HLS, FEMA SWAT, and militarilly armed police forces across America.

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