Yes, indeed, our United States confederated states have been
completely inundated with world-wide trained professional
revolutionists, that absolutely are filled with self-hatred towards
Western civilization. Karl Marx coined the phrase ( man is man ). One of
Marx’s fellow travelers, the late David Ricardo, fabulous mouth piece
of London’s intellectual rabble-rousers, collided with Marx’s view that
proletarians of the world to unite, and they had nothing to lose but
their chains, to lose. Ricardo was given the originator of the so
called ( iron law of wages). Here we have two characters on the ideal
antisocial third rail of colliding intelligentsia butting heads, in
controlling any and all decent laboring people within the occidental
empire. Mud people have no allegiance with our contemporary mankind. Yet
they come out of every sewer line that trails back into recorded history
of progressive civilizations. Parasitic by nature, our Republic must
eliminate this explosive nest of vicious and vile reptilian instincts
from our shores; and let Karl Marx and David Ricardo remain as perfect
examples of bankrupt personalities, that have influenced the
mob-controlled political failures of which holds America in complete
derision. The late President Ronald Reagan thought so much of Karl
Marx’s and David Ricardo’s social engineering that he personally brought
one of Ricardo’s relatives into the federal labor department. Reagan
was a liberal’s’ liberal. And this mud people scheme moves along in
shaking down our republic. The late Hollywood columnist, Hedda Hopper
vouches for Reagan as a genuine liberal in moving into the life of a
political whore. No better to place to seek public officialdom that
Hollywood that to run the sewer lines streaming from the Screen Guild’s
gutter of psychoneurotics.

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