The West and the East has created a great divide of various political infatuations, as fronts for trade and subversive activities and, of which, both sides of two oceans clash, as to whether democracy should mop up and unite Third World nations under an alien political doctrine, democracy, that has no merits into the social nor religious regimentation that reaches back into ancient civilizations in the past.What we have today would have driven Machiavelli out of his mind. NATO is the bridesmaid that has suffered a premature miscarriage through its illegal alliance with bought and paid for allied dictatorial setups to invade the Ukraine. President Putin of Russia pulled a fast one via entering the Crimea. One must watch the chess board of Eastern Europe since Putin might come up with an abortion.

George Soros, business magnate, harbors a classical option that communism is to slowly reverse its incipient mold in Eastern Europe into the approaching social machinery of capitalism. This professional entrepreneur and philanthropist does not make it clear–raw capitalism or interest capitalism. Soros had George Bush in his side-pocket, in that Bush was a master tool in the hands of a futuristic police state –pro-communist rule of America. Bush was the lousiest bastard of an American president that has ever existed. Soros hated him for Bush, father and son, brought on total political wreckage in dividing West against East. And now, the gang in national office have thought up various names among the Islamic world as America’s enemies. All-in-all, this melts down to Israel vs the Islamic global movement. Gangsters in the state department like John Kerry push for political demagoguery in line with interest capitalism, thus the national economy is locked into the jaws of federal reserves ties with the Bank of England. The master key to unlock America’s grip via foreign affairs is to vacate Eastern entanglements and to bring all troops home.

Wall Street illicit investors are in collusion with Israel’s President Netanyahu.The only way out for the state of Israel is to run Netanyahu and his gang out of office. Israel is pushed into a corner and its autocratic government must have a third world war to survive. In the hands of commie infested NATO bankers fell in line to become imperialistic, but Putrin stalled off this illegal instrument awaiting in the wings in the shadow of incipient Bolshevism. John Kerry and George Soros have the same idealistic illusion that liberalism is to replace pseudo democracy. We cannot have peace and prosperity within America when it is realised that such social reconstructing comes from the Near East. Things melt down to two basic avenues of basic intelligence–religion and geopolitics. Was soros thinking of the past as I.V. Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Joseph Stalin?  This man is a master of intellectual quantity with a strange philosophy in that I’ve got mine–you go get yours. Liberalism is Karl Marx’s basic idealism to uproot both raw and interest capitalism. George Soros is an in-between meddler gifted with Platonic insight. Putin has an international arrest warrant on Soros. He has found a fly in the refurbished Christian Russia. Hungary has denounced the controlling banksters along with the Petro dollar. Soros is a billionaire. Does he hold petro dollars or gold bars. Our U.S. Treasury has failed to return gold to several foreign governments. There must be a reason.

         Obviously, Illicit investors through global exchanges, reserves, are closing shop. The Petrodollar is worthless. Money suppliers such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have been robbing and stealing from foreign nations. They loan out money that has no backing with gold or collateral. Many CEOS are committing suicide. The upshot of it all is to discontinue bribing Saudi Arabia caliphates and back off from controlling oil prices. Let Opec have its way and the market will adjust itself. If Soros rejects democracy in any manner, then our commie-run state should quit making enemies within the foreign Islam and Mohammed states. Netanyahu is the noise-maker for a WW in the interest of global Zionism. Brings disunity to state of Israel. Attempting to dissociate Netanyahu from Zionism is like attempting separate Jesuitism from the Vatican. To loosen the grip of congressional ties to universal socialism is like separating a buzzard from a dead carcass. It all tallies up to religion and geopolitics. Our republic is doomed in not recognizing the enemy within. Bolshevism is a deadly disease and the major threat seated down within our national institution,


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