Putin has gained  more power of global influence with his alliance with the Vatican. His orthodox Russia is unified and stronger in the Asian and Oriental adversities of the West. The state of Israel is on its last leg as a world-squatter state. Netenyahu needs a WW  to save his counterfeit state as sat up in 1948. Putin slowed this scheme down via invading the Crimea. Both West and East fear a Nuclear war.It melts down to who will back down. Israel is just a by-standing pip-squeak now. Obama has gotten scared and back off on Iran. This is Israel’s appointed enemy. And now, Obama is up against a wall. Commies in congress have lost controll. These dirty bastards would crucify Christ again in ofrer to serve lucifer and gang now runnung the whole show in America. Putin hates their guts. And they are are afraid of a real man.


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