The San Hedrin allied with the banks. The Temple held money and other prescious property stolen from people. Prostitution was rampant and priestcraft was tied to political whoredom. Stephen and Christ revealed rhe tie between bank / Temple scheme, in that stolen temple moneys received high interest rates. For tampering with the gold in the temple, both stephen and Christ were put to death. It is the same today. Dirty low-down bastards preach Christ on one hand and communism on the orher. Of course, the IRS looks out for such self-serving infdels via free-tax subsidies and political clout. America has been overthrown. The real show down will come when agents of rule such as police and leading citizens will be shot down and publically hanged. Communism is a deadly game and a mass mental disorder. This very hysterical dementia ( mongrels )  lives in fear. Jesus never worried over such dehumanized trash. He knows His sheep and His sheep know him. Only the ignorant, super ignorant and the ulterior ignorant follow the blind way of this world. Christ is of an unpolutted lineage. Mongrels hate this and more or less given to mob violance.

P.S. Bastard is not a curse word. It means to be variant in its usuage here.

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