Mildred Thistlesloop was taught on her father’s knee that anyone and anything could make it to the top in America. He father was a city outhouse inspector for thirty years. Actually, he was first to install three-story restrooms in Washington, D.C. Mildred, over the years, noticed that most in congress had made it into office after resting for years on the first level of a dung heap as democrats. This young lady decided use mother nature’s erotic inclinations to climb new heights and let the ballot-box system go to hell. A madam over several houses of repute in the city were actual watering holes for visiting ambassadors from foreign countries. The State department clients laid claim for Madam Coochie’s leisure moments. She told Mildred, a former sideline employee, that anything could make it to the top but must climb a crooked path. She then taught this psychopathological misfit something to consider when sex and politics is a cover for personality suppression gravitational syndrome inhibitions. Yes, indeed an erotic trip to the dome.


fixation on political contraceptives

Politicians are a very clever in their research regarding mental

disturbances. Debating you would be foolish, because it is

impossible to change another mind; however, education opens up individual perception and conception, in every direction of newly discovered pathways, to merge in the future.

Bringing up Dr. Freud’s Oedipus syndrome, we must conclude that a specific and particular tribal psychoneurosis is being repressed, within the very depths of this man’s [ his [ known inhibitions, of which forces having a tribal related international hysteria.

This psychoanalyst in the early twenties toured America outwardly proclaiming that all citizens in this state

were paranoid. But then again, being suspicious of strangers is a class perception.

We know that Dr. Sigmund Freud, just as Dr. Albert Einstein and Theodore Hershel, so-called founder of Zionism, has been co-collaborators as contemporary partisans, while residing in Vienna during the early eighteen-hundreds. Several of Freud’s co-workers went their ways, because they realized that Oedipus complex

had rested upon sex. The late Dr. Ben Friedman declared

phallus worship covers thousands of years from the past. And began to research into Freud’s ancestry to discover

the nature as one being absolutely spell-bound by some sort emotional fixation being tied to individual erotic desires. In essence, this bright man [ Freud , was actually using specific by-words to cover his own religion.

Please allow me to reiterate that the National Psychiatric Association has gotten away from the tag of

schizophrenia as a catchall to cover specific mental disorders not understood. The late Dr. Judd Marmor in

his ” Psychiatry In Transition ” and the late Dr. Karl

Menninger in his ” A Psychiatrist’s World ” will support the death of schizophrenic pandering.

Actually, the psychiatric world has dropped the word schizophrenic from its nomenclature on mental instability. Decades past, a radio personality, Major Bows, came on line with the words: ” Round and round she goes, and where she stops nobody knows.” Generally, this applies to our national citizens for sure, when anxiety steps forward before Congress, unannounced, in exploring the public utility of conquering mother nature.

Yes, indeed, when an erotically inspired suppressed

individual takes a public stand in trying to shield repressed and socially unacceptable

uncontrolled inhibitions of personal proclivity to wander the psychoanalytic  path ” The Personality Suppression complex Syndrome.” When individuals use a

political front, audience, democrat/republican, this is a pure herd instinct, in seeking some pleasure principle.

Getting back to Major Bows; he was a spy, but the people could care less; for he too, said just what they wanted

to hear. nothing! This man was a walking contraceptive in

that he was inhibited with repressing untruths, self-induced masochism or the magnetic public venture of

spouting the greatness of contraceptive safety in attempting to shield suppressed erotic desires of bought into anxiety.

Further.Dr Freud’s social and political contraceptive

is sounding off through specific individuals, in

demanding that their next door neighbors, taxpayers,

should pay for the good times ahead. Maybe taxpayers do not want to abort mother nature in releasing pent up

erotic specifics, rather revealing a guilt complex in

keeping in harmony the daily routine of public exhibitionist demanding via touting. For anyone to lead their case for contraceptives actually opens a door to

an earlier childhood that might fall into the realm of Freud’s Oedipus syndrome. But this identification with at toddler at birht is like a lead balloon that will never fly. We must conclude that pro-contraceptive advocates,

now fit into Fred’s perception of whom suffer from ” The Personality Suppression  Gravitational Syndrome.” All in

all, individual guilt and erotic repressions use the mother nature block. MILDRED CRAWLED INTO THE OVAL AND LEARN ABOUT INHIBITED DESIRES AND LITTLE ABOUT FOREIGN AFFAIRS.


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