This is a merrited question. All for sure, an unseen  element sits back as a global destroyer, and is completely invisible to one’s naked observation. Yet, worldly mankind means nothing to them. Infact, agents of hell would more than likely be described by our notiple mysteries of people holding obligations to some being drummed up as an hearsay minstering from pulpits. In fact, little comprehension surrounding our nations social regulators, for such faithless scoundrels had been milled through the exact educational scheme from birth. No official poliitcal gambler, nor bastarised intellect, could have dodged the hell on earth known as Democracy. The unseen and undetected soules are apparently around all mankind. Their actual residence is within the hemisphere where ever mankind tills the soil and couples individual existence to be empowere wicieriean unknown God. This invisible society, collectively, are masters of deception and are behind all secret societies. Yet, secret or not,

public or privately, this misunderstood advisory weighs on every soul that lives and breathes.

Down through time, hundreds of past years, in early Europe, Black and white contained their rule of all countries through a combined nobility. There is no difference within America today. In fact, before the days of Noah, this elite manner to program populations worked under secret combinations of darkness and evil, which led to the Great deluge. The ruling classes labored under the fear of Master Mahan, a secret and subversive society, practicing witchcraft, canabalism, sorcery, and sexual deviation against children. Their main attraction was necrophilia and drinking babies blood. It was death to mention this society. As previously mentioned, we have combinations of religious priestcraft and mentally crippled unstable prsonalities to be fascinated  through dwelving into the realms of hell it’s self in  atempting elevate professional. proclivities. One cannot deceive mother nature, sexual perversion is the head- master, when educated souls, mental cripples, attempt to conceal repressed libido infatuations. The enemy within are tax-free foundations and tax-free societies. From Noah to Washington, D.C., Master Mahan’ rebellion against global mankind is still carried on. We turn on the computer and every secret socierty and tax-free political craftsmanship is put into the dung-heap. The stamp of Satan cleverly turned man’s attention in devious manner and the circus of misinformation rattles on through misguided fools.

As the saying goes: A man is an animal with long funny ears; he balks at anything he hears. And now it has been accepted that there have been several global floods before the Great Deluge. Egyptian monuments and the Grand Canyon verify that man has been on earth for hundreds of years. Now, who was this mankind. The Holy works verify that many people still live today. Some call them a tie to extratelestrals. The CIA has devised a work that send man back into time. One involved with this was a Major Moorehouse. Mr. Moorehouse was committed to an insane assylum and is under medical control. that is proof that many people have lived for years and mingling with society in general. This crowd is allied with the invisible impire that wants to terminate mankind in general. This is the source of all wars and national international distractions through the touring industry, national crime rate and poisoning the total food and news industry. This evil machine that guards the gate to hell opposes civilization over the globe. In attempting to destroy all mankind would then suggest that satan is making a headway fighting our creator. These creatures are incorporated into all governments. Their idle time is collective sexual perversion, blood drinking, consuning decayed corpses, drinking and murdring children, canabalism, necrphilialia, This goes on in every government in the world. Yet, no one can put a finger on them. These creatures taste no death, for they are reincardinated devils in the fleash. The question: WHO ARE THEY!. No one can tell. These unholy minions of hell have no religion nor church. We pass them on the streets in not knowing that specific sub-what-nots is making time in ordert to destroy the souls of God. Behind every television and news paper one can scent an evil little comprehended by the works of people of whom have never died in the flesh. Holy works is clear on this.


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