Congress must determine billions for Iran as a bribe to hold that nation’s people in debt to previously bribed political gangsters now instructing its people to tow the line of religious political diversities. If everything goes well, our national populace will pay interest on fifty-billion plus interest as borrowed from the Federal Reserve. Yes, billions for the banksters and debt for the people. Here we have a problem. Fiat monies has no financial roots when nuclear weapons is the center caught beween the State of Israel and Arabia’s middle-man surrounding the Petrodollar. Criminals in congress are allied with a state,  Israel, in trying to pull President netenyahu’s chestnuts out of the fire. The question is coined. How do the Jesuits fit in into this scheme. Priminister of Russia, Vladvir Putin has the Vatican’s power structure as opposed to Mahmmedism. The root behind nailing Iran as a partime renigade triangled by Israel, Arabia and the federal reserve tactis of bribing with printed toilet-tissue has no hold, while the globalist are wrapped up in unregulated tissue-paper. In essence, gold is used as collateral, of which will wind-down the Iranian ruling elite. America should cut and run to keep its nose out of Near and Far Eastern political and religious entanglements.

                 Since the Petro dollar is vanishing as an international median of monetary exchange, as several countries are going back to bartering and a new currence backed by gold and agreements to close down reserves, this leaves our reserve as a lone wolf. Wall Street and its closed-class of illicit investers has become a closed operation specialized to the birds of prey that live a leech-like parasitic existence and loot when a leak comes forth from well-planted insiders. Congress has lately questioned this hydraheaded monster and was at a loss to recover missing trillions of dollars. But, this machine cannot trick Israel’s hated eneny. This fifty-billion loan will be backed by gold. The vatican holds most of the world’s gold supply. China has forgiven America’s debt and allies with middle East confederations. Several nations refuse toilet-tissue as money. The Federal Reserve is out on a limb. The controlling gangsters have lost political footage over the near and far east. This is the reason that NATO has become imperalistic. The rub here is that Putin’s Crimean operation has stalled Netanyahu’s pushing for WW3. This stand-off between two great powers is slowly stuffing out Israel, too, amplifies the Vatican’s position as a religious kingdom. In essence, global religions is at the base of West and East social engineering while a global unification under a One Word confederation of collective banking networks attemp to fashion a New-World order of which all religions are to be mulched into one threshing machine, as an invisible entity marches humanity into one massive organ as an automoton of Bolshevism replaces devine intuition and mankind becomes communised. This will be the finality of

Raw capitalism and the interest system, as mental slavery moves on its own dumbed-down inertia. Only a WW3 can save the criminal elite that strangles Washington, D.C. The Pentagon cannot fight Russia on the ground. Too, America and Russia as nuclear weapons. God help Israel if congress continues to send billions to this state to be used as a political ploy in the Near East. Iran is temporarily being bought off–netanyahu can rest for a while. America has troops in forty countries over the globe. The cost is astronimical. For the communist gangsters in the of District of Columbia selling out America is their game as a front for alien concealed inbred counter productive parasitic operation of spiritual infirmity of evil souls countering any and all civilized beings on planet earth. Most likely, these spiritual operatitives have set up residence in both political parties. Their game is to cleanse the whole earth of responsible humanity. Their political hypotenuse cannot be calculated as both sides cannot be met being divided as the lowest and dirtiest bastards ever that roamed this earth, before the days of Adam. Out of all the ism’s on earth communism is a hellish scheme to completely destroy any nation of divinity on earth. Their chief operation is the state within a state machine of professional criminals caculate the overthrow of our republic via the city/county management system. This conglemeration of the criminally insane is held together by innocent working employees that have bee mentally crippled through an imposed nationwide educational monarchy via commie entrenched socialists.


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