Obviously, an appointment to the bench is the highest level of political banditry

that any well enrenched hood  could possibly climb. There is no greater crime than to be controlled by the insiders, of whom sell their individual souls to a universal network of pseudo-religious intellectual rustlers, and stool-pidgeons in examinig its past and present with its acrewd intellectual perversion, and laughable ploy as a front for state social engineering under the influence of libralism with its nine-man gag-rule via a nine vote travesty of  justice set up. One man is a plant that can literally hog-tie three hundred million citizens to what ever the communist party determines the best interest of universal Bolshevism. This gang should be put out of business permently.

                No doubt it. This mahine is a legalized operation of high-handed scoundrels, collectively, of wearing black-robes in pacticing political priestcraft

in the name of a run-of-the-mill overrated sycophants and as usless as tits on a boar-hog. This collection or, concoction of miscreants, rustles law-books to twist liberal rot to fit the gerrymandering of collectice political whoredom as a sideline, in legally cementing incipient socialism amidst the minds and souls of every patriotic being, that are allured into its net of so-called Supreme Court shystering with a gobble der gook perverted intellectual fraudulence geared to wire-pullers as operatives and servants subserive to an invisible syndicate of international finance. The supreme Court is fraudulent and a threat to our republic. This operation is only a watering-hole for self-opionated hustlers ever drowning in their own muck and mire, as puppets in the hands of a universal Military/religious priesthood oligarchy.

Organized political psyhilus eats the brains of intellectual groplings as anti-social

gangrene eats the guts of out of misled intemperate fools as agents of Marxism.

                America has been been betrayed. the whole state has become a graveyard of corrupt legal pettyfogging. One or two more appointments to the state-court bench via Primeminister netanyahu through political fraudulence via the Presidency will install America as only an appendage to Israel. Under the Eisenhower roost Nikita Krushhev stood before congress pounding the podium with his shoe: Communism will take America without firing a shot. Later, Eisenhower, suffering from dementure, warned congress about protecting communism world wide. Close down the illicit Federal Reserve and exit APAX from our shores and arrest the criminal element behind NATO’s imperialism. Tell communist inspired United Nations nest its glabal intentions in establishing universal BoIshevism to go straight to hell. One can fool the national populance most of the time, but it is clear that professional trained communist revolutuonaries have command over Washington,D.C.  

                 Political twiddle de links first took place when Sec. 6, Art, 6 of the Constitution on treaties was grandfathered into as legal protocol by subtle snake-oil peddlers of alien financial moguls. The bank of England was a master at arms treading back to the Temple in ancient Palistine. In an alliance with the Wall Street monsters this gang of rogues are wired to the Reserve. The trick here is to

baffle the regulators, invisible hand, in alloting part and parcel of liquid  with and stable resources through a global network of finacial elites working with a hand-picked gang on the Supreme Court. This court respectfully is a bully at playing off barious social combinations through the art racial bootlegging. Basically, this is a make-up of quart-a-day shysters. In a nutshell, we drag in the state Sept. John Kerry is a plant. A well-wired individual  and a thoroughbred lineage of the mental cripples of whom are pulling out all stops that are in line to discourage incipient Bolshevism and its prolonged method to destroy Western civilization.

               The West and the East–obama vs Putin know the tricks and trade of Universal communism. Presently, Putin is taking a stand. The CIA has book-marked various nations in Asia, Africa, and the middle East. Troops and armor is to guard these countries when the fiat currency is curtailed as useless. The arising police state within America follows the identical responce when the great depression is beginning to take place in America. The state of Israel in the hands of a mad-man, Netanyahu, who is seeking WW3 to save his hide. When the NATO gang makes a move to imperialise helpless alien nations through pre-planted troops, then China and Russia will move in. Iran has become an international sore eye as the universal communist industry treads a path to self-destruct in attacking iran. Naturally, Syria will be the next in line. Obama has fallen back on his promise to Netanyahu in invading further into Arabia. All of the mess is bacause we have a buch of pro=communist bastards ruling America. Intellectual and sexual persversion is the ground work in betraying our republic and nation.  America is facing a coup. In dwelling Marxists seem to be lossing ground. In 1950 General MacArthur was ajoined with an awaiting coup when stepping from an aircraft in returning from the Far East. Thinks did not go well as planned. America has rolled over into one massive metropolitan sewer. The Left and right parties stand on tremultous ground. We harbor an great eagle that has lost its nest, and let turkies in power of whom do nothing but goggle de gook with no place to hide their dirty-work as political cannibals.



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