Police officrs
Fire men
Tax-free charaties
Tax-free foundations
Post men
Politicians in office
Churches and their flocks
The touring industry
The Federal Reserve
Wall Street
Red Cross
United Nations Organizations
Social Security
No military command
Not one of our fifty-states
No pulpit pounder nor professor in college
No educational system nor sociery
Not one political official of any state.
Yes, indeed, we have a people in the hands of professional parasitism. Collective blood-sucking moochers crawl over honest hard-working people, of whom work like hell to stay a float. Of course these people must serve their master, of whom give just the minimum wage to keep their game on stage.
Truthfully, all wealth comes from the people of whom produce food from farms. This food is bought cheap to keep farmer enslaved to state and federal agencies designed to legally steal productive property, and to enflate it as times goes by. Actually, every structure or organization is consisted of stolen wealth from the national agricultural industry.
If you are reading this and do not grow food then parasitism through the state is physical and mental slavery. No good-bastards in office sustain this robbery system through give-away programs. This circus is so expanded until the military is designed to keep parasitic bastards in power. Our days are numbered as a so-called free people. POLICE STATE EVOLVING!


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