“What this country needs is to protect the people’s hard earned wealth of creating ways to find employment for hundreds of whom are generally unemployed on low level qualifications. We are creating a class of parasites that are milking the working people out of their productive earnings through developing s parasitic clime of artificial, but unproductive element that depends on some federal handout called federal emergency programs that have taken over the flight industry in our nation.

It is inconceiveable that a hand full of terrorist have crippled our national commercial flight industry through the commie controlled news industry with their daily inflated minor news issues being bloated to the point that the general public
runs back and forth through fear that our airlines will be eventually shut down

America needs to tell Uncle Sam to get off of its haunches and get rid of all parasitic bums and leaches and let these dead beats find more productive work. It seems that nation wide laws enforcement has taken preference over a people’s ability to think straight. Law enforcement is an unproductive force that protect the great slum masters and loan sharks and political hounds of whom steal from every strong box in the nation’s capital. This country is going under from a form of liberalism that plays along with aimless parasitic laboring organizations that will aid in creating parasitic industries that are nothing but well organized drones on the backs of hard working and decent tax paying citizens.

All in all, national home Land Security is a front for liberalized political whorewdom
and its makeshift method to bleed productive America to the last fathering of honorable citizens. We need to get rid of SWAT and FEMA. as mere tools of an in an ever approaching incipient socialism designed to appease bums and dead beats working in all parasitic ares of federal and state governments. We do not need to wreck and cripple any national private industry by the artificial increments of ridiculous legal obstructions being subtly used to further an approaching socialists programing of digging the brains out of the public’s twisted intellect that Uncle Sam will not let the people down. We should level down national security in giving each state the right to guard the people’s security to the proper level of individual responsibility. The present encroaching police state under the cover of Home Land Security is nothing less than a pro Marxist scheme to further incipient Bolshevism in causing the state to wither away, in replacing capitalism with the ever creeping of Oriental religious philosophies into the American republic.


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