Question? Who is behind the war on little children within America. Further, are such scoundrels imported or run out of other countries.? If not, this meanice is spreading and has become a nightmare to such of an extent that mothers have no protection. It’s true, that child molestation touches practically every state and reaching higher into national government. There is a world-wide nest of elite untouchables that has a covenate with Beezlebub and his family of devils. This machine of masochistic leanings towards canabalism along with necrophilia and feasting on children’s blood has a bloodline into the days of Noah. Their secret society was known as MASTER MAHON. Indeed, our political machines cover for such low-life sons-of-bitches. This is because of secret-societies tying in with national government. Generally, politicians are political whores in hock to their master of ceremonies. Proclaimed wars and sexual masochism is a small group that controls the thinking of western civilization. An un-conscious gluttony for money and sexual perversion is a fixed rule of law.

               It is an established fact that this identical situation existed in Christ’s day. In fact, Asian and eastern-world oriental fundamentalism practiced and compromised in the same arts traced back to Master MAHON. On both sides of this globe the blood line of ancient Esau is traced into every politically devised ruling element. The art in sustaining the evil of child abusement is to allow religious freedom. Yes, indeed, devious political whoredom is sustained in brainwashing simpletons to accept instruction from Satan’s chaldrum that all men are equal. Intelligence is the glory of God. Mother nature has no regard for any human-being.

              Nevertheless, names do change but, mental retaliation, retardation, through child-snatching will gather up victims, while the national news-media and Hollywood fashions its mold upon sexual perversity. Of course, people must beat out a living, and must be enslaved to money-lords to do the will of devils in the flesh who harbor no conscious. This of the gand that nailed the Son of god to a tree. pasychiartrist will agree that the perpertraitors of this criminal act had brought to light concealed, repressed sexual perverson being released through an masochistic act of crucifiction. Apparently, the scoundrels behind such sub-humanity more than likely gloried in artificial sexual excitement through planned masochism.

              And now, just as King Herod had done, children are being kidnapped by the thousands all through America. Behind this is that mentioned global elite class of whom practice in the black-market of dealing in children. This small cliche has imbedded clients as child-snatchers of all fifty-states. If not, than no politician will speak out for phallus worshipers rule America. Long before Christ child-snatchers in South America were tied in with the GADDIANTON ROBBERS. Today, there are numerous secret and subversive organizations tied in with pseudo-religious organizations. Since all receive monetary freebies from the IRS, the rustling of children will be carried on. Allen Dulles, in his autobiography mentions the fact of disppearing children. Dulles was the most out standing Secretary of State that ever existed. He had no use for communism. Communism makes war on children. NO child of any race is safe on the streets of America. They could be kidnapped! Mothers, there is a shame upon all men who will not speak out against the crimes against children.


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