• Laugh
  • Smile
  • Kiss
  • Hug
  • Compromise
  • Attached to any animal
  • Said one single good word towards his enemies.

                          To idly laugh was to cultivate agression.

                          To smile released pent-up calumny

                          To kiss was to customise frugality

                          To hug is accept physical intimacy

                          To compromise is an act of trading off one’s perceptions

                          To unconciously transpose personal identity


Of course, mankind, as a whole, will do these things. We must understand that Satan uses the joys of human nature to tickle the innards of fools and up-graded

scoundrels– especially the global circus of tourism. As born weaklings, Lucifer and his family of devils plans to destruct civilations. We have a gang of devils in

the flesh temporarilly released from hell to torment uninformed fools as pseudo religious pulpit-pounders lead their flocks down the path to hell. John Hagee has replaced the late Billy Graham, in hamming up the doctrine of salted-down priestcraft.


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