Motherly love towards a newborn infant is pure and holy in giving thanks to our creator as a newborn soul enters the earthly atmosphere. However, in adulthood the once babe-in arms walks into a little understood world as a blind bat. From the breast of motherly love and childhood attentiveness the band is broken. With hat in hand, such personalities must seek shelter and bread. With no talent for productive inclination the army came to the rescue. Four years of military indoctrination, three-meals a day, roof over his head, with a check and a chick, every month is unbelievable. Surviving off the taxpayers hide while lounging around the post exchange was a genuine paradise, an alcoholic was in the making. After missing roll-call successively and failing the dress-code, a psychiatrist gave this deadbeat an option.

pick up a section eight discharge or wind up to the brigg. We will name him–Hammerhead.

Hammer was 22 with seventh-grade learning, when he was escorted from uncle Sam’s residence in Fort Benning, Ga. in 1940. He actually hated the military’s social conservativism and compliance with organized confusion. Too, his three-sisters and two brothers were still at home in Skidmore, Ga. His father was a terminally disabled alcoholic in holding down a low-paying deputy sheriff’s job. Hamma ended up in Gluttersville, Ga., Down

and out. Hamma survived through dumpster-diving. He became friends with a disbarred shyster who stole child-relief funds from city charities.This lawyer, too, was evicted from the military for stealing food from a chow-hall to feed his family of seven. Here we have two loose cannons at the same social bearings prowling the streets at day time and sleeping in alleyways at night. Still, the military GI Bill of Rights was a final hope from taxpayers of whom lived and worked for a decent life, being plundered of their hard-earned cash. We will name the shyster as Slick. Both took a crash-course in law. It was now ( Slick and Hammer law firm.

The hunger avoided, as mutual souls, pick-pocketed the poor and helpless. Time was passed begging, drunkenness, panhandling, alley-trolling, and fondling garbage containers. Slick would skin his clients from head to toe, while Hamma reversed the act of robbery, from toe to head. This this sort of legal gangsterism is a byproduct in the name of the National Lawyer’s Guild operates every manner of plundering our national society. These shysters never miss an opportunity in milking hopeless people down, for they say, “ shoot low fellow shyster, for some jerks may be riding shetland ponies”. Slick and Hammerhead edged their way into both previously bought and paid for political parties. One party is a whore and the other a prostitute. Immediately, Slick and Hammer were political whores nesting in between a two-party confederation of inhouse fornication, as masters of deception, in the hands of Beelzebub and his family of devils. Indeed, a specialised confederation of professionally designed dirty bastards, in selling America short. From whence they came is assured.

America has an enemy within. The prevailing threat against our republic is not of stone and shield, such as the federal reserve, the treasury, supreme court, presidency, Council on Foreign Relations, Pentagon, Wall Street, CIA, NATO, IRS, FBI, terrorists or state Dept. All of these state mechanisms are in place as pre-planned elite global aristocracy. National ruling bourgeois, slave masters of criminality, are pawns in the wealthy is a front for Zionism. For sure, the middle-class is created as an influential screen, and an opponent of all lower-class productive citizens. From this anti-social class of paranoids and professional parasitism is the federal reserve as allied with sixty global reserve outlets. The actual enemies of all gentile Homo Sapiens is a race of devils in the flesh having no ties to material industries. Their whole global system is held in check through subservient miscreants such as the Slick and Hammerhead think-alikes, a vast watering hole in line with such bastards controlling the District of Columbia. in corralling national political whoredom, with its ties to pseudo-religious conflagrations feeding from the trough of the U.S Reserve. In noting that America is nothing more than an island flotilla, as an appendage to to the City of Gold, that rests its monetary tentacles into the world’s fluid money supply in controlling the USA. An alien political inquisition has its awaiting inquisition to politically guillotine any positive individual cuddling conservative options in saving this republic. There will be no Patrick Henrys to warn of the

Satanic driven mobs opting for liberalism, for free speech and liberty has been nailed down, screwed down and rocketed off into infinity.

America has created a leading class kept installed by sustaining a national social sickness bedded down with massive nihilism. Eighty-five percent are propertyless, with the majority held as prisoners by pocket-change ghetto slave masters. Psychiatry, Education,

and cultural affinities are associates in political hock, as aiding in a communist orientated madhouse, functionionally, in the cradle of a doomed western civilization. In total regression back to a neanderthal existence our republic is being leveled, receding, as to the depths of the Grand Canyon. Figurally speaking. Our country can pull our nation should forbid a sub-cultural level in ridding the ever incipient influence of Marxian orientated Zionism—or suck thy thumb daily, as Hammerhead had done at birth.

If we rise again, we must rid America from the the ever influence of Marxian-orientated Zionism—or suck thy thumb daily, as Hammerhead had done at birth.



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