This new generation has purposely reared a one massive race of cowards. We have no heroes for our youth to look up to. All the past presidents since Woodrow Wilson to the obvious have merely been tools of a national government among misled citizens that are invariability internationally minded. Our republic has more of a spiritual war rather harboring one major class of aristocrats being used as machine as a front for the followers iniquity. In the ultimate, our many nations created as one whole has been destroyed from within. Once again we must congeal the various nations on this continent ( America ) ready to combine as human machine in opposing the enemy within. Only with grace of God will we get through this. Now is the time for all good men to unite as one single human arrow to drive into the heart of devils that make use of national government, as a tool, snake, coiled ready strike down Satan’s angels that has coiled its fangs into every national political gangster, of which steals the honest labor of classes of all citizens, of whom ignorantly follow in the steps of ancient Astarte and Moloch. Naturally, the national news media as an agent of foreign absentee illicit investors and land lords should be rounded up and tried on the grounds of high treason.

Absolutely, we have a governmental machine known as a confederacy. Thomas Paine warned of this ( Federal ) concoction against a new nation when noting that Article 6, section 6, on treaties, was shoved into the Constitution. On this remarkable observation Paine noticed how international finance working through the Bank of England struck the first so-called blow from the Rothschild wealth housed in
France needling its monetary influence through civilized nations. Behind the political veil the global banksters rule America. No doubt it, America has the best twin-sided political force in ruler ship that money can buy.

Numbering years past, a congress on national television screamed: “We have a specific nation on the run (guess ), let’s keep him on the
run.” Recently an individual via television hawked; “We must take our country back. The congress man did not say who controlled our republic. Here is a case of thought control. It is amazing as to how an embedded alien enemy practicing a religion as a shield can actually fool the naturally ignorant, the educated ignorant and the super ignorant being so intellectually corrupt in national governmental affairs so blinded by truth. No not blinded and bought off.

Yes, indeed, as already mentioned American youth have no idols to look up to, and all of this really reached a level when the pro-Commie Harry Truman allied with Joseph Stalin being tied to universal finance. Backing these two stooges gave Eisenhower the authority to turn over prisoners ( 50,000) from German war camps in Siberian Slave camps murder on the other. to be worked to death or to be shot back of the head No one has ever heard from these beings. Only Satan and his gang have blood on their hands. And of course, Ike had a girl friend ( British agent ) to keep him warm at night. Blood on one hand, murder on the other. This scheme was known as Operation Keel haul. Since Patton and Mac Arthur was murdered young people have no military idols. Be not deceived readers, FEMA and SWAT squads are under the under guardian ship of the Communist International, The United Nations Organization. America is the arms of universal Bolshevism. When our Creator brought on the great deluge He did not let mercy rob justice. The gang of political robbers, thieves, dead beats, whore mongers etc;, are allied with alien powers of whom will have no mercy, for they are trained to bring down America for they serve no justice at all for our republic! These thoughts are incredible, but true.


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