Bertharina Rina Britain has been sending its Establishment figure from MI5 into Mesopotamia, Arabia, Egypt, other nations around, for how many centuries? The reason was to wield such influence that they could control heads of government, promote British industry and corporations and gain wealh from oil. They ensured they controlled ‘the Waves’, entrance into the Mediterranean, exit into the Black Sea and the Suez Canal, the surroundig gulfs and seas. Laurence of Arabia promised the Arabs – Palestine – if they joined them in World War I. He and his Arabs arrived in Damascus second and Allenby who was first, being the General conspired with the French – and that country was handed on a platter to Israel as promised by the British Parliament. General Gordon in the past had shown his bravery in the promoted wars in Egypt, just to name him. Zionism was always strong in England after the Jews were welcomed back from their enforced absence – such departures having occurred in dozens of countries over the centuries. Yes, the U.S. Treasury has failed to return gold to several countries as indeed it has none left. For quite a while, the coffers have been empty, having been shifted off to the City of London. Glen Beck a couple of years ago was revealing much of the hidden doings on his prograame, and warming up on George Soros. Suddely, Glen is no more on Fox News. Putin is the only decent and the only Statesman worthy of being called such, in this world of ours. Australia snubbed him. I welcomed him. However, the best of men have their weaknesses and capacities for evil. Apparently there are two chains of command one in Zionism itself and one with the Neo Cons. It seems Obama is of the latter and was placed there with finance and designs of George Soros, whose organization is stirring up Macedonia, I think – one close to Greece. Incidentally, Netanyahu in a ‘Jerusalem Post’ admitted they were not descendants of Abraham but were Khazars, following the Kabbalah. He also declared they came from Ukraine and it would be good if Jewish migrants would settle there. Ukraine now is on the way to being emptied of its inhabitants, one way or the other, around one half and those the young, having left already. The Neo Cons, Porky in particular, have suddently become much richer. I am glad I live almost at the end of the world, sometimes! But consider the tiny Drones and their capabilities!


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