One will never comprehend the inner voice of destiny that apparently haughts a man to step forward, and forcefully voices that America must be politically ressurected from its steady decline into a pro-communist Third World nation. God can move mountains; yet one man steps forward in an attempt to reconstruct a Republic, that has sold its soul to traitors and aliens within, and are fracturalizing one government of combined nations. Through the corruption of the pseudo revolving doors of the machine of liberaliszed thought control,  with inlaid political rascalality calculated to destruct genuine Democracy, and to level republicanism, and in creating a main spring-ring of an unholy wedlock of professional criminality, operative in the vast-field of crime, corruption, poverty and desease. The wheels of a once-free nation are at stand-still. The choice is clear: America must arise from its narrow view of tomorrow and clear its deck of the in-crowd criminality of parasitic mental cripples, of whom burden its citizens through the robbery of over-taxation and slaves of a run-away state.

           Is it possible that Harold Trump experences apparitions in his silence of restful hours. If so, there is a reason. Since God allows mankind to seek freedom from any oppressive state on the globe, brave spirites in flesh and bones will step forth to raise any flag that will unite honorable societies. Two of these once great spirits were General Douglas McArthur and General George Patton. Since the national news media has its hands tied in speaking absolute truth as to foreign affairs, electronic voices are quelled. Likewise, Our national news paper industry must be remindful of our nation’s treaties with the Orental and Asian nations.

          We might concur that treaties combine our occidental civilization aside eastern world Oriental fundamentalism. Plainly speaking, we have an ongoing spirtual war between God’s people and ancient Esau. Any dealings amongst allied nations are subconsciously harboring inclinations to serve their God as a free people. In America today, ill-infomed  citizens are aware that this absolute truth is being denied their right to worship as a God given pleasure. Up to and after the Korean conflic General McArthur would meet with one of the most out-standing ministers within America. Two men discussed America’s economic, culture, and spiritual decline. Most of all, McArthur spoke on insignificant third-world countries, He knew that the eneny within controlled the State Dept. Thus at this very moment the state dept is alien occupied. McArthur braved against the nations of Easu, the Red, in that the Jacob of israel was his blood line. Our Lord walked with this Warrior.

          The outstanding quarrel with Patton was adjusted to McArthur’s being fired by the late Harry Solomon Truman. Both of these generals hated America being betrayed. Here we have an unelected President of our country firing one of our nation’s greatest generals. This general knew that Truman was wire-pulled by the gang in government service. This same character did every inapproperate act to literally internationally destroy our close-nit military forces. We see the results today. Truman was a traitor. Truman had Patton removed from his command, because patton knew too  much. Patton knew too that General Eizenhower

was one of the lowest and dirtiest bastards that had ever walked upon God’s green earth.

For sure, the collective asserions as  beforehand declared aims as to the political infrastructute of narional gobernment should be reorganized on the principle of rule by the people and and not merely a tool of renegade international financal gangsters. This man, Trump, is a wise old owl. Apparently, he sleeps with one-eye open. In so many ways of expression his aims are obvious. America needs to be clean up. If not, then political regulaters have prison camps ready for patriots speak out against the alien accepancy of illicit bankersters, ghetto masters, loan sharks, and anti-docial intellectual persverson. The National Educational Association should be look into. Mental deviates wallow-down in every major dept. Trump claims that we need to  inspire the work ethenic witn all levels of society.

                 Obviously, we we need clean house within the state department. The Pentagon needs to get rid of all officials sucking the blood of a nation’s laboring hide. Our best hope to close down the Federal reserve. It has no reserves and is a criminal counterfieting agency. We should search Fort Know in order to see what has been stolen. We ahould jail those in the Treasury Dept in allowing the reserve to dishonestly make fiate currency. All all banks should be audited and illicit withdrawls recovered. Fractural banking should be closed down. Crimina ls in the Wall Street rip-off operation should be jailed. Mr. Trump needs no apparation to warn him of these professional thieves.

                  If Mr. Trump will study he will discover that Artle 6, Sec.6, of the constitution on Treaties explains that alien nations and their advisors control all fifty-states within America.

This Section was grandfathered in after the Constitution was ratified. The most questionalble option on legal affiliations is the criminal act of the National Lawyers Guild in shoving some legal hack onto the Suprme Court.This took place when the legalized gangster and professional criminal Earl Warren was put on the bench. This court is composed of shysters and political hacks. The Presidents appoints these hand-picked rogues. Several have beeb mixed up in planned murders. We must not forget the Council on Foreign Relations as a tool of universal Zionism and its ties to the Jesuits. America is crawling with spies and rogues out of South America. Obviously, most are Catholics. The dirty bastards will not legally allow immigration from northern Europe. These political  whores, thieves, allows floods of questionable background in from the Medditerrainan. Here we have the Satan lineage of ancient Esau. Jacon’s seedline is kept astride in Northern Europe. Illlegal immigration is to create a national mulch of humanity in order to disolve mankind into a national herd of lost identity. Esau has always used this tecknique to controll Christian nations.

                   Trump smells a tray of inbreded aliens taking over America. He must look into the Afganistan, Syria, Iran, iraque, and Crimian resolution. America is loosing its allies. The United Nations Organization is  composed of professional parasites and in league with western world bankers. Nato is a military stool pidgeon for the Near Eastern invaders of Arabia. Rockets, tanks, bombing will not subdue ISIS revolutionaries in Yemen, We must quit sustainf the oil flow in Arabia by paying sons of bitches called calapths.The fiat money is on its way out. Nerabyahu of Palistine wanta WW111 in using innocent American youth to fight spiritual batlles long originating several thousands years past.  as theWithout question: the criminal institutions as The World Bank, The National Monetary Fund, dealing on a non-collateral basis should be jailed. Greece is failing. and italy follows. We can shell out so much money not backed by gold. China and Russia, and A ustralia have cut free feom America and the Juan dollar is tied with the rise in Europe with twenty=states by treary in EU Europe. America  is an enlarged police state. it is a future imprisonment for protesting citizens or to to learn more about the feedom being c.osed owm. Communism is spreading fast, It is the criminal of illicir investments that destructs America, Hopefully, Trumph will have more apparations from great souls that once tred this earth.




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