Our Creator organized spirits with bodies to come into this world in order to be tried to see if ones projected life would follow the trappings of Satan, or follow the  ways of this world.  We have a choice to do so! There is a war going on between good and evil. Satan’s gang follow the
promptings of a curious people of whom created a state in 1948. That gang in power are not Jews, These world wanderers are of Mongolian descent. As Christ lovers we must take a choice as to whom and what we pay devine homage to.
Christ warned: if one is of this world, then He has no part in Christ. So the war is between ancident Esau the ( Red ), lineage of satan, and Jacob, true Israel. By your conversation it is obvious that your bloodline runs back to SHEM, son of Noah. This is the same lineage from Mary, mother of christ, back to the great Patariarh, Abraham, the father of all nations.
All nations can be traced back through the blood lineage to Abraham, but one. This is the Canaanite seedline that Esau married into as being contary to God’s will. God hates Esau and Esau hates God.
There is no hatred of racial back ground. The truth of what I print is true. The problem with America’s national administration is that most office holders blood is in the veins of this class of vertified gangsters. I want you to notice. Palistine is the background drop behind all global conflict with Third World nations.
priminister of Palistine is a certified criminal. This monster is trying to get us into WW3. This is because the world has turned against this ministate created in 1948. The natural Jewish occupiers hate Netanhahu for he is not of Jewish origin. He is a Mongolian in the hands of universal Zionism. The Jewish race hates him; for he has turned the world against their supposed to be new home land.
Unfortunately, every President from Wooddrow Wilson has be a tool in the hands of global Zionism. Their counter is the Jesuite order of Catholocism. Both are in hock to a global network of international finance. Of course, this is the Esau manipulators. Putting all things aside: Christ warned ” beware of workers of iniquity.”
In reality, phallus worship runs back for thousands of years to the Chaldean era. Abraham relected such evil practices, and left the city of Kish where he was born. Egypt was the first civilization in the order of God’s plain. But the seedline was through Esau and the Holy Priesthood that Christ held was not passed to to them.
Every major office in national political prostitution is held with the hibred seed line that Christ rejected. Notice how sexua perversion is designed to destroy the family way of life. The national news media and Hollywood is a major factore in protecting jst what Christ has warned off. It was phallus worshippers that nailed Christ to a tree. The nation that was responsible for this is known to be born as a people with inbred hysteria. This neurosis is a remarkable description of a stateless world population out of Asia into western civilization. Christ warned: beware of the elders of Israel.” The problem here is to find out just who Israel is. Incidentally, Jacob is Israel and his twelve sons.


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