The universal sewer lid has been un-hatched of whick had ties to the four corners of this earth. All of this anti-social revolutionary unstable disadents are loosed squarely across America. Indeed, Marxism has conquored a nation that was un-aware of this enemy within. A cross this country these professional revolutionaries are moving into allied religious movements. It apears that the Revern John Hagge has replaced Billy Graham with thier pseudo ham-strung religious bamboozling. Counterfeit religious gangaterism is for popularity and gain. But, it too, has implacations intertwined within national political gangsterism. In hopes of salvation from any pulpit-pounder is self-induced insanity and a morbid intellectual draw-back in the face of reality.

            Paradventure, America has been earmarked for a complete take over through  thought control and ambushed higher education. Thus far, the cancer of late I.V. Lenin, a Russian communist revolutionary and estabalisher of the late Soviet Union, speaks communism from his tomb. Books flow over America as to how great this man was. The late Leon Trotsky, second in command to Lenin, was a global revolutionary born communist. These two men were mass-murderes. Their total lives was to carry on Karl Marx’s communist internationalism. Fredrick Engels, in alliance with Marx was dedicated to destroy all family relations that existed in any state constructed upon the prescepts of free capitalism. we must not worry about this socially-engineed scheme; for our national and local edicational systems has been completely leviled. It cannot be denied, that the Southern United states is under Marxian subtle rule. This was brought forth under the political gangster, Supreme Court as Chief Justice, Earl Warren,  and one of the dirtiest pro-commie bastards on American soil. President Eisenhower Appointed this gangster to the court. Carl Vinson, Chief justice, was against this commgunist reorganization of our national educational system. He was murdered walking home. The way was clear for Eisenhower and his wire-pullers to do their dirty work.

           Swamp runners are professional mud-packers. In essence, their lives are spent in sewers over the globe. Generally, they are proletarian imbiciles as programmed revolutionaries. We can witnes this in the 1892 French revolution. Our national government is in the hands of pro-Red instigators as traitors, for they were bought cheaply and seek bread without ant labor bring involved. This gang of parasites harbor no conscious, nor guilt complex. Their unknown master are global financial engineers in hock to a concealed network of invisable scoundrels retaining spiritual ties to ancient Esau, the ( Red). Under Joseph Stalin, Russian emperior, gathered his Red army consisting of mongolians. Here, swamp runners and mud-packers crawled fom their lifeless lower-grown existence, and were thrown against East Berlin. This is what is coming to America. Our Republic sleeps while naping under the camoflage of liberalism. America is being walled-in being countered by sons of bitches in national office in not opposing the enemy within. We need not explain the hell that awaits decent citizens. What is headed into America are barbarians on the lowest realm of Homo Sapiens. And when this catastrophy is loosed upon this nation as tanks, and shell fire brings subjects under military rule, then the living will envy the dead.  

             History is not repeating itself: We might drop back to Teddy Roosevelt to realise that his aim was to instigate class-hatred of Christians in Germany. He was called down on this. We could call him a mud-packer. Of course, another mud-runner thirsted for America to join hands with the Bolsheviki inspired European National league. This traitor brought America into WW1. He was not worth the salt in his blood. Franklin Roosevelt’s alliance with communist Russis in 1933

was to carry on the invisible scoundrels that used  a pseudo religion as a front. Eventually, Red Russia saved  Europe and England during WW11. Putting things togather, America furnished gun-powder and souls in order save Red Russia’s defeat by Germany. Today, Germany has re-armed. It has become a threat to the subtle Bolshevism that puting is shielding. In essence, We
have a fradulent congress and and a politically disorientated stultified state Dept. The Pentagon cannot take presidence over the administration’s hatched dealings with foreign governments. East and West state departments has encestrous ties. Political whoredom is a dead-duck now. Biblical correctness is a good example being ployed against the fornification taking place in D.C. : Samson lost his strengh in revealing his secret of strengh. And then this giant of a man became a babe-in-arms; for he let Delili know abo ut his long-hair. Samson was so angry and blurted out: Sleep with my heffa and know my secrets. This whole game of political fornocators need to bed down with the American republic to be warned of what follows tomorrow. OUR REPUBLIC IS DOOMED TO MENTAL SLAVERY AND A FEMINITY DISPOSITION NOT IN THE IMMAGE OF GOD’S INTENTIONS! We need men, not skirt chasers, in national office. In England it’s God save the King. In America, feed from the treasury.


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