+Bertharina Rina

Again it is great to read your posts! everything you have written is the truth! You are very knowledgeable about the bloodlines It is clear that it is the “root” of what we are dealing with here on the above ground! These evil monstrosities ruined the nation and led so many to “bow down” to their phony temporary money power and allowed themselves to be led into the psycho  trip that satan wrought on the earth! Everything has been infiltrated and just continued to become more and more infiltrated since the institution of the Federal Reserve with Maritime Admiralty law and monetizing life on the stock markets. Just follow the corruption and corrosion level and see the mechanism work, I remember in 1983 the District Of Columbia became it’s own state like the Vatican and the City Of London. Shortly afterward the national anthem was removed from early morning airwaves and cable came along with it’s corrupted demoralized programming. Now we have pornography all over TV! The cheapening of life and the break up of the family,on and on! They know the human mind and character with all the information they have been collecting all these decades. They now how to ” break the mind barriers ” and “change ” people’s way of thinking if those people  are not concrete in the truth. Rockefeller stole the education out of the school systems to create a crippled populace that will allow and accept this as normal! Now they (in the name of nat, security) have a “good reason” for killing off the innocent wildlife!! All lifeforms are in danger of being altered from their original heritage with satan’s Monsanto corporation on the loose with everyone’s genomes!!There is the proof right there for what you have said! They want to eventually control the bloodlines and human genome and overstep God by usurping his creation! HOW SICK that is!

( A brave lady spoke these words  )


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