Our Lord never spoke in anger nor criticised when openly confronted. Habitually, he stolled the streets and spread the good word. Pontius Pilate was a prefect over the Roman province of Judaea. He had noticed Christ preaching to several people, but he found no fault to legally interfere with free speech. An armed garrison in the city did not needlessly worry Christ. Yet, in this small-time metropolitican make-up, rabble-rousers would usually find weak-minded souls to be suckered into some-sort of social and political ramifications. Here a specific mud-slapper, counterfiet Pharasee, targeting our Lord to demonstrate that, this imposter, harbored superior pretensions to traditional religious law.

This mud-slapper conversed with Christ. Being well educated in the ancient philosophy of Socratic induction on thought, this mental cripple questioned our Lord and finally anounced that he, a Pharasee, was of the seed of Abraham. Our Lord spoke plainly and articulated ; no, you are not of the seed of Abraham; for you are of your father the devil, and he was a murderer from the beginning, he has murdered all the prophets down through the ages, even murdering one prophet between the temple and wall. Is it possible that Satan has actual followers on earth. The purpose of this essay rises questions as an existing nation among all global countries in the service of Lucerfer and his family of devils, such as that gang in national government. We should examine the fact that we have a corrupt nation world-wide, that are socialably accepted, but are raving like mad-dogs inside.We must dig further. Yes, indeed, on this earth a race of people, tribe, did not come through Abraham. God’s seed-line through his children are tied to Abraham. Further, these homo sapiens are not recorded historically in bible undertakings.Then who are they.

Abraham had four-wives that peopled the whole world. This phony Pharasee hand no DNA ties to Israel whatsoever. All through Holy scripture these people of Satan are covered up.

We must go back to the first Christian church at Antioch. This same strange people had joind the church. Before long, church doctrine was taking on awkward  teachings. These were of fables passed own through time from a people with no DNA, as to be the blood lineage of ancient Israel. These are agents of Satan working to destroy God’s Israel within America. They are pocketed all through national government. This tribe existed in the days of Noah and brought down God-fearing people, because Satan pretty well controls all devil worshippers such as tied into our pseudo democratic and republican parties.

From the wreckening with an agent of Satan our Lord had warned his people ro be watchful. He warns us to beware of the workers of iniquity. He openly warned: Beware of the elders of Israel. This is the fake Isreal that brings on wars and racial hatred between all people. So when Israel is dragged into the worldy affairs war-mongers remember, we have an enemy among us and is invisible to the naked-eye. We do not want to fall into a trap that is always sat up through political intrique. The best bet is to keep a single-eye unto the glory of God. Too, remember that we have a no known DNA tied to a global tribe only wish is to cause hell on earth.

We have been warned. We have a visible but invisible tribe that few people know of!


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