Yes, indeed, an apparition of total defeat faces our Grand Old Republic. The will to survive from commie gangsterism in national government has collectively and politically drummed down a nation into a submissive nihilistic state. Shamefully, Marxian induced revolutionaries have absolute control over the spiritual and military machine, now in the hands of pro-international Bolsheviki operators, nesting within the State Dept. Council on Foreign Relations, supreme court bench, federal reserve, treasury Dept., Wall Street, The national Educational Association, The United Nations Organizations, federal bureau of investigation,, halls of congress, both political parties, etc; etc.  This gang’s hand-made sabre is NATO, gun-powder, stinger rockets and drones. Of course, mountains of communist influenced religious congregations rest-well in a zone of misapprehension in that Lucifer works in mysterious ways. Rule by devision is the Commie game of Russian roulette. In breaking from this aggregated political system of bastery at large is to stand and not retreat in comprehending the enemy within.

      Several years past, a pro-commie congressman spoke nationwide via national television. Drunken with self-hatred, this scoundrel screamed the we have the—on the run; let’s keep him on the run. This human wreck of a man was Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. From that era onward, a nation erupted into self-defeat. Organized societies became un-settled as an implosion of individuality had a melt-down. Individuality had become an old hat. Individual man was nothing, roaming mobs become collectivised, becoming a potter’s clay being molded into the clutches of communist party USA. There was no place to run or hide, from global proletarianism and mental slavery. Several state’s leadership considered withdrawing from confederated structure into sovereign goverment.

With no place to run, or hide, various state’s ruling elites fell into the trap of progressive ignominy. This is not a more-or-less presumption, that several states’ ( citizens ), are nurturing the idea to actually secede from the Union. Fantisizing through political optimal delusion at that time now fits national society today. America has been hog-tied and bound to a nest of universal financial engineers in creating a One World scheme, fronting for an invisable religious empire, as the root of Western civilizations break off from Asian and Oriental infusion, of religious philosophy designed to band the name of


Jesus Christ from the grounds of our republican way of life. Under this type of political rule,

I.V. Lenin, Karl Marx, Fredrick Engles and Joseph Stalin slaughtered millions. This what is going to happen in Ameica.

        Thundering across plains, mountains, and

valleys, the thoughts of man looses his way in order to triumph over a

Republic, not mother nature, but imbalanced reasoning. This is an act

of self-delusion; for truncating from a higher state of existence back

into social intemperance, an aggression against organized civilization.

In consideration, secession of state from ( federalism ) massive

anxiety becomes an actual congealing point, thus individual

self-contempt becomes part and party group compliance. This un-matched

boiling insanity,  will more than likely, incite mob-rule, or individual

repressions, of earlier political oppressions. Thus un-matched

collecitvised guilt becomes a massive neurosis–victims of ( The

personality Suppression Complex Syndrome). This sort of thinking, if carried out, becomes a loose-cannon of which will self-destruct vitims involve


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