In Shakesspear’s “ Merchanf of Venice “ is given the wiles and ways of a pawn-broker and a gentile victim caught in the clutches of an interest-seeking shyster.  The mother of all lies is that a pharasee,  ( counterfeit Jew ) , was the uppermost center in this play. This is the mother of all lies; for the word Jew and the implication that pharaseeism was not evident. This master, Shakespeare, and his fore-runner, Geoffrey Chaucer, ( 1333-1400 ), actually brought the English language into its most superb usuage today.  No where in either’s works will be discovered the word Phrasee, nor Jew. An attempt here was to actually slam two  innocent personalities. The word Jew ) did not appear in literature until after 1776.
Running the wheels of history in reverse back into the era of Abraham 1800 BCE, supposedly, the founding father of the Jewish race, lived in the city of Ur of Babylonia. In the book of Genisis 11:26 to 25;18. is given a brief outline of this Patriarch’s life. The implication is that Abraham was of Jewish back ground and the father of Israelitish heritage. This is amasing, for the word Jew did not exist back then. Abraham’s racial lineage was back through Noah’s son, Shem. This in turn was back to Adam and eve. Further, Abraham’s  lineage was back through Jacob’s Israel. The true Israel today is strewn throughout the nations world-wide. This is the so-called lost  house of Israel.  Political Israel under Primeninister Netanyahu was sat up in 1948. Zionism is a movement within this questionable socierty.  All in all, from Shakespeare back to Abraham it is like a cat chasing its tail, round and round she goes, with no end in sight, untill we bring the Pharasee political strong-hold on the scene as a fradulent blood line of Satan’s  masterful work,  in an attempt to in-breed a psycophrenic race into the royal blood-lineage of Jesus Christ.
Christ had entered Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Yes, right into a pack of multi-nations, and various blood-lines busy in the trafficing  of commercial goods. As to His people, only about ten percent were of the tribe of Jacob. Notice:
for anyone living in Jerusalem were known as Judeans. The word Jew is a translation  for Judeans. At the foot of that cross the embosed words: King of the Judeans, not king of the Jews. Christ dismounted His animal right into three major political reformations of opposings religious configurations, the Pharasee, the Herodians, and the Sadducees. The Pharasees had their own brotherhood, somewhat like a secret organization. This group of people were of Arististoctaric political inbreds of idealistic perceptions regarding Moses and the Torah. In other words, watched over their blood line back to the Mount Seir where Moses talked with God, while this earlier sect received their own variarion from god on high.
Here is where a culmination of religious, cultural, and social compatibility becomes lost to the gentile world, in miscomprehending Satan’s steadfast pretension, that counterfeit Pharaseeiem is of modern-day Judea. This is The mother of all worldly religious lies. We will learn that Lucifer is the master of lies and ideological religious perceptions that have wormed their way into Catholocism, protestantism, and Mohammedism. Satan and his family of devils work with the clay on hands.  Billy Graham and John Hagee in alliance with the man-made religions within America blind their congregations in not exposing the false Pharaseeism being  blamed on the state of Israel sat up in 1948. Rest assured, Mohammedism recruits membership in loosening  themselves from pulpit  agony.
This elongated stretch of amagination falls into the lap of social fraudulence, when coming  into contact whin a pseudo-Pharasee attempts to question the integrity of Christ by proclaiming that (he) the imposter, bragged about being of the  seed of Abraham. Christ said: you are not of the seed line of Abraham, for you are of your father the devil. He has killed all the prophets down through the ages, even murdering one prophet between the wall and temple.
Evidently, progressive dementure is a mark of Satan’s off-spring. This pharasee along with his fellow travelers have no DNA back through Abraham. In fact, this tribe of people, ( contemporarily ) ,have no ties to civil humanity. They walk and talk with us, but manufatured in the fleash as invisible devils. There is no record in the Holy works, for they are zombie-like in the hands of our national ruling elite. Their blood line is far from ancient Esau of who hates God. This unrully class of devils escaped the great deluge. Satan actually has off-spring on this planet.  It would seem imposible that such manufactured filth and grind could have been associated with Mother Eve and Father Adam. This gang of global refergees are geared to make war on Adam’s children. The democratic and republican party
is a means to bring degenerates into public office used as blinds in controlling mobs. The evolving cancer of pseudo-Pharaseeism has established its perminent  residence in Washington’s District of Columbia, in alliance with the City of London. From hence the world is ruled. Satan’s gang with no DNA–unidentified.


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