Professional robbery and open theft by monopolies is robbery by illicit investors behind the scenes. Alien moneys are finding ways to bring privatization over America. They are moving into and expanding their hold of formerly held property in all states creating vast manipulations of state and federal laws. Their main line is to gradually shove the City/County Management System. In the long-run, high taxes drive people from their homes. All this is tied to a global touring industry. Eventually, after a full economic rape has taken place through monopolies, a city becomes bankrupt. These imported illicit investors then move out with their ill-gotten wealth, while their allies move in and buy properties as pennies on the dollar.These sort of low-down bastards should be jailed.

These sons of bitches are a threat to our national free enterprise
What in the hell is wrong with our congressional Marxianized Congress.
All recontaminated monopolists, ( corrupt professions ), of alien influence, in hock to these mud-slappers, should be run out of office on a rail. Sorry, some times I forget that I am a Christian. This criminally syndicated network of induced Mafiaism have moved in on Social Security.


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