Old blood and Guts

At often times, God calls some individuals for earthly service. No not Jacob, Moses, nor Abraham. This unique individual gifted with monumental standards of wit and  courage matches the biblical lore of a contemporary Samson, of who killed off the enemy of ancient Israel, the Phillistines, with the Jaw-bone of an ass. Blood, guts and  tanks in Patton’s hands, while a club served Samson.

Before battle God caused the phillistines to come down with ( enrods ), piles. Our Pentagon gave George the Third Army, and Patton gave the enemy hell. How could the Phillistines fight with piles on one end, and other being worked over with a jaw bone. Patton greased his tanks treds with the guts of his enemies, while Samson brought back home tens of skins of circumcised enemies. Patton raised Old Glory, when battles were won. All Israel stood tall for Samson. In Samson’s hour Young men had respect for  any great personality, as the youth held such in the esteen of manhood. Since Patton’s death, this superior general’s service to his nation and country is hardly mentioned.  Our once-flowering youth have lost sight of this majestic personality, giant with his nerves of steel. Collectively, our nation’s youth have become gargoled-eyed  with no physical icon in sight.

When a people grow tired and weary as oppression becomes unbearable, suddenly, fate steps forward in extending its withering hand of warning: Woe unto a nation that diverts the law of divine providence and the will to reject political gangsterism. In essence, the past is rejected and the future dismissed. Criminals in high seats hold America hostage.

A gathering storm expresses treason as an elite class of financial rogues, global-minded bastards, and royal sons of bitches, when a planned socially designed bankruptcy collides with a syndicated nest of scoundrels openly nourishing political rascality by default, in Washington’s private lair, within in the District of Columbia.

Through this alley-way of theoritical aristocracy exists an umbtrella of fifty- state rule composed of a select network of financial ologarchian precepts.Truly, a master

criminal complex; the seat of politically engineered  cultural and high treason holding a nation in bondage. These are in collusion with the Council on Foreign Relations.This organ of supernatural power vegetates  within supreme District of Columbia, existing as an invisable tache of political incidarianism, actually nourishing global revolutionary attributes, in melting down our republic, and leveling it towards an international plethoria of innocence, thus secretly constructing a furnace of hell on earth, under the social opeum of Platos influence on ancient philosophies of Asian-Oriental religious decipleships, under the cover of democracy. This latent evil was liberalized thinking along with the City of London, its bridesmaid, dominate universal revolutionary trends. Pseudo democracy With mystical comprehension.

Tribal inquisition justifies the resurection in factoring humanty as equal with unintelligences. network factors in ancient religion and contemporary mind maniplation, in order to create absolute folly with voters. As to outstanding  personalities, in this day, men like Douglas MacArthur appear and then fade away. An intelligence like George Patton is murdered. Politcal baffaling is stage-managering with congress. The house speaker questions, where was Moses when the lights went out.

The offer that he, Moses, was in the dark, when leading the Hebrews out of Egypt.Quips about Esau the Red, and Jacob,  More laughter in questioning as to Jocob’s ancestry. And of course, that  Abraham was intellectually wall-eyed, as to the nation’s seed lines evolving from him. From the beginning to the ending. This London, District of Columbia combination, is ambivalent.

Out of the past, our native population is continuiously bombarded with preditory history on

religion, and political paltrooning, in the art pyaramiding constituents as objective fools. Patton was no sycophant to Eisenhower. He won several battles in heading for Berlin.This man was the epidomy of greatness. No doubt, he prayed to the almighty before entering battle; for he new that America was composed of various nations of a conferderacy. He knew the Bill of Rights, Constitution and the Declaration of Independance. His problem was in dealing with traitors in uniform, that compromised the blood of American soldiers in the interest of alien religious  philosophies contrary to America’s best interest.

Peradventure, Patton broke military protocall. After moving into Berlin Patton learned that General Eizenhower was a low-down dirty bastard. Too, that George C. Marshal, Chief of Staff, was a front in allowing East Berlin to be taken by the Russian Red-Army. This was planned by the elite traitorship that had wired Harry S. truman. Harry was a tool of an international Rothschild financial network of Jewish and Gentile Bankers. Men do not come any lower than Harry, the sycophant. He was an internationalists and a zelalot in the pay of Near-East political gangsterism. His best pals were Russian spies, Harry D.white and Henry Morganthau, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury, and two of the most viscious and vile personalities of decent humanity, that tracked the Rogue General Eisinhower, and one more dirty bastard and traitor to America, but a useful hand in the contemporary Edomites then in world control. After the war, Patton was murdered. Unfortunately, the late President Roosevelt, was murdered in Warm Springs, Ga. This was in 1945 when the monster, Harry Solomon Truman became an unelected President. From that day onward under Truman, our republic has slowly dwindled into the police state of ineluctable determinism Generally, We must give the credit to Truman in firing Gen.MacArthur in 1950. This political rogue also relieved Patton of his military administry in 1945. Patton was an entriqueing personality and America needs a military personality for battle-front opposition. Hopefully, the next President will keep his word in searching for another MacArthur and Patton. But, pass up the Pentagon on this one.


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