+Bertharina Rina

It is interesting and I have a lot of interesting info to share with you that I would like for you to see for yourself first and post around, Pertaining to your fantastik post about world government:We were obviously meant to cross paths and I would not want to part without my exchanging the lot of some info. I have collected over the years! You put things to good use!!On You-Tube: “Norman Dodds interview with G.Edward Griffin.This interview was done in 1982! Lauren Moret PDX 9/11 truth. Lauren is a geo scientist for many years and a historian. She also teaches about radiation/nuclear waste. Lauren has MUCH wisdom to share about the communist control of the University of California when she worked there many years ago.There are FEW people who reveal the truth as she does!There are also 2 episodes of “One Step Beyond ” from 1959-60 that have vanished from the series! They were two true stories.One was about a man named Charlie Shelton who had a water(hydro) feul that would have put Rockefeller out of commission. I saw it more than 40 years ago and have not seen it since! I never forgot that episodes! also look up the POGUE carberator. This little device can hook onto any car and cause the engine to use the fuel so efficiently that you would hardly ever need gas. It would evaporate before you would use it all! You could travel 1000 miles on just a couple of gallons!  Then of course ,here on You-Tube is Henry ford’s “Hemp car” from the 1940’s.The car was entirely made and fueled by Hemp and was biodegradable. The fuel gave off no harmful fumes and the car was twelve times stronger than the old steel cars we had years ago! Amazing people God gave us! And amazing ways to have what we need without destroying the planet but actually making our presence here better for it! The same criminals liars have kept these simple clean technologies hidden from humanity!


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