Contrary to individual perception, that mankind is born free, is a generated exaggerated  halucination.  that one’s judgement  is free from external influences,  specifically, when falling into tourist tourist traps scattered across America. Likewise, instinctlvely, latching onto grips of mental enslavement via pseudo religious entrapment, obviously chains unsuspecting personalities, as merely intemperate fools,  excentrically  weighed on an economic scale, and redicules intelligences, as to the pertinent trials of a closed-in life expansion. All of us have been fed on the spoon of want into the field contemporary materialism.In removing the mote of a religious perception from our own eyes, one can observe that blind-hogs can find acorns in the dark. Our national society is the most educated on earth,  yet to be penned in as sheep ready for clipping. In removing the mote of a religious interpretation from our own scruntiny, one can readily observe that blind-hogs can find acorns in the dark. Our national communities, collectively, fail in focus, and to nourish  social ecosystems as a  natural benefit to society.  


               A specter is haunting America. This incorporeal apparition is not superanatural; it is a ghost out of Asia, Africa, and  the Orient. This is a peopleized congleration of politically orientated and religiously unified humanity, being Oppressed as Third Word nations. Political and pseudo religious gangterism out of England and the dirty bastards controlling Wall Street, twelve bankers, have seen their day and time. These professional criminals operate under the International Monetary Fund, ther World Bank, and Wall Street. They operate in the field of an elite ruling class of Satanic inspiration, through the two-party system.

In essence, collectively, a screen as the politico/religio oppresses a nation America, in fronting for the state of Israel as established in 1948. Within our eastern hemishphere, educated patriots are wise to the sons-of-bitches now roosting in the District of Columbia. It matters who is elected President, the elected will be a tool and a stool-pidgeon. Proof of their religious hold on our population is to listen to John Hagee. Hagee is a trunphant for international gangsters, of which oppresses our nation at this moment. This is the pseudo/politico gangsterism operating under satanism.

               Absolutely, it is no wonder that phallus worshippers rule from the highest echelons of national government. It is not astounding that a Christian people cannot oppenly express idealist perceptions of an un-seen Creator. We have a war going on within America. Through corruption and worldly gain God’s Israels have sewn wild oats. When a low-class of bastards and sons of bitches tie in pediphlia in seeking office; the runner-up on child-murder is open for every imported rape-artist crossing our national borders. Congressional banditry operates on the illusion that entrenchment as a parasite is a safety net for corrupt political whoredom. All religions that have been established on the throne of Satan are man-made. We take a gander at Protestantism, Catholocism, Gautama Buddah. Mohammadism, Confucianism, and etc; beliefs. All man made. The down-fall of many was through child induced masochism. This was practiced in Abraham’s time. Yes, out of ancient Egypt the Gods of human sacrafice have moved onto American shores. This is a forerunner of which an apparition from the East into our national government. While the major art of drawing mental cripples in to the arts of sexual infidelity and menatal subversion our republic is doomed. Perverts use the art of rule through organized confusion. Yet perverts in power over all states function as greased lightening in drowning constituents in the art of brilliance, if not, then baffle all fools into stupidity.

THE MOST DANGERIOUS SET UP IN AMERICA IS THE COUNTY/CITY MANADENENT RULE. This is alien moneyes as a way for global tourism. America is being fractulized over through the method of privitation. Property owners are in a vice between fraudulent religions and political rascality. people must wake up—or be interned to camps!


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