Bertharina Rina

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bewiseasowls4:29 PM


Yes,and I understand NATO is keeping Greece under wraps and keeping this from happening! The U.S. is trying to hang onto it’s money cartel for dear life as the BRICS are beginning to lose faith in the dollar.China is trading with Germany and so on and NOT using U.S. dollars.That is the only thing that has kept our fiat currency going, faith in a strong currency! Now that we have twice as much debt since the o8 crisis the world has seen our corrupted “financiers” in action finishing the job of destroying our currency..I just finished listening to RONPAULMESSAGE66,COM and heard what practically no one knows about our currency! Especially the politicians in Washington! That is why they got into Washington to begin with! They have “no clue” about currency or economy! That knowledge was “hollowed out” from American education systems very cleverly by the wealthy Committee of lies and deceit” that hide behind the curtain! In an informed normal America even when things are good men like Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts would be welcomed into the presidency with gratitude! But thanks to the very successful “dumb down” we ended up with the very wolf pack owning the hen house! They used “our Currency” like drug traffic all over the world rather than our currency being backed by gold,or lumber or anything agreed upon as payment. That would keep us “sovereign” and wealthy from within. True wealth.Not Debt that is worse than a drug addiction! WE would be in control of our own economy and the destiny that is attached to that economy! We would not have these psychopaths whealing and dealing “our very lives and souls away for their ill gotten gains while using us and our nation’s economy as pawns they can pick-pocket at will! But even getting Americans themselves s”trained” to behave and act like little minnie versions of themselves!!! Trading true wealth and security for worthless currency and corrupted politics to  recklessly serve their instantanious whims with high interest credit! This poses an even greater danger to “national security” because of the mentality and consciousness it cultivates! When they fall they will all go down together!. It’s coming though .The government has known of this currency crisis for MANY decades. They have prepared themselves well against any civil unrest.

P.S. This is one of the most in intelligent personalities that has a comprehensive insight into the inner workings of America’s destiny, within this darkest period of our free-world republic. Thank God that we have someone of vision!                                ( Hogorina )


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