( mind bending )

               Mental Gymnastics     

The late President Johnson was a willing tool, of an establishment, ( party ), dedicated to internationalism. This master of political prostitution was the superb individual, as being wire-pulled by well-known fellow beings, of whom controlled all branches of federal government. Yes, entering public office in more adventure and promised wealth. This man’s greatest achievement was to totally destroy our national educational system. This act was in line with Marx’s coworker Fredrick Engels. In 1848 at the First Communist International gathering, this destruction of the family via control of educations, was Johnson’s commemorated act, via the Communist Manifesto. In one oath, this doubled-jointed fence jumper, from one party to the opposite, through Gerrymandering pertinent legislation, directly into the furthering of internationalism’s incipient encroachment, into the hands of universal socialism. True to life, LBJ all the way, as a sham democrat embroiled with sordid republicanism, in absolutely committing a two party treason against a suspicious nation being kept in darkness by a renegade of pro-socialist ganders via the mass news industry. Johnson’s dealing with the Korean ( Police Action ), once called, is well known, as a double indemnity political risk, in tangling with the banking and internationalists; our military suffered tremendous loses. And the ideal in searching for responsible leadership and under the dome, is the battle cry momentarily.     

                   ANOTHER DIRTY BASTARD


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