STATE DEPT. CAT’S PAW IN INTERNATIONALISM

The rear-seat invisable rule of the universal stock exchange social engineering financial rulership are at it again, once shady deals of the past in dealing with Third-World communities slowy looses ties through the National Monetary Loan and its subsituary global inclnations, in attemting to regulate affairs of indigent nations and implanted dictatoships. This scheme has halted and will fail just as a lead-ballon will not fly.

Most of all,l our State Deparment is nothing less than a burnt out pack of political rogues headed by a chief sycophant, John Kerry,  who usually has no idea of foreign affairs. Since 1933 this operation has always been a hand-me-down path into political oblivion,  just as it is this moment. Generally, any party-hack would actually marry the Devil for an ambassador at large into france in order to visit red-light districts and pick up antiques.

Holy water is now spouted from this seat-warming– operation, in dulling the minds of governmental affairs in keeping cool,  as this country,( America ), has gained a new quick track method pushing our nation towards a narrower path to further the dream of internationalism.

And how is this to be accomplished. Simple!  by psychological warfare created among  selected members on the Council of Foreign Relations. Presidents hand-pick these individuals through their past experience, as tied  to political and private organizations,  linked  with the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Dept. This hiarchy of a gangeters bureaucracy of global-minded traitors seek orders directly  from invisable rulers via an under world Mafia. This set of professional criminals toe the line,  in  racketeering, while bowing down  behind ruling financial thugs, as allied with the Bank of England in line with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank,  Wall Street, Treasury dept, and an illegal investment industry. But this is not all. President Vladimir of Russia is in league with this gang, and has bamboozled the West, and the machinery of financial rape rolls along. The state department within London beds down with fellow communist party organs in Washington and moscow.


It is well established that at least ten foreign nations, governments are to be dumping the Rothschild banking system from their lands. We witness China, Russia, Egypt, Iran, Hungary etc. This white washing is put forth with he same collusion,  as in the past–delusional political drum-sticks to dazzle the ignorant and the super ignorant, that America will never loosen its nationalism. Well, the dye has been set, for this nation’s  days are numbered!  Natinalism has been lain to rest. It is now, The Disunited States of Americka. Internationalism has been estabalished and innocent people have been drummed down into internationalism. BOLSHEVISM!


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