A product of Harvard, Lillian Epstein, of Poland, attacks Hogorina for questioning the upside, downside, hand-clasping back-slapping congressional upstarts, in becoming a watering hole, as an orchestrated machine of collectivized melancholia, in giving Potus a shot as a paid seat warmer. Here we have a Jackal and Hyde saddling a donkey between Israel and Arabia being addressed as a Semite. It has become an alien unfortunate religious misgivings, for any upright citizen to question many socialist revolutionaries, of whom now have pretty well bedded-down with Uncle Sam. Drag one out into the light of scrutiny and hell breaks loose. Hog is put on notice.

Out of rage and an unsound mind, she blurts “ So you’re saying that you’re anti-Semitic.” “ Who are you ranting about and against.” end quote. I would suggest that this remarkable lady return to Berkeley. If not, she has had her brains dug purse .

You ARE aware that POTUS is a Muslim, a Socialist, and a Communist rolled into one chain smoking, beer guzzling, golf club swinging, vacationing package, right?
There are Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Jews, African Americans, Christians, atheists, agnostics, Catholics, Protestants, etc. in Congress. So tell me just who or what you are biased against. LILLIAN the liberal, has given a good cross-current of a congressional exponent y bogged down in the lap of pseudo democratic Marxian infiltration. This nurture of instilled individual self-hate simply failed to include that Potus also was an inspired self-hating scoundrel and a dammed fool.


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