ESAU/EDOMITES control America. This blood line runs back through ancient Esau, that sat up the nation of Edom, IDUMEAN. God actually hates this blood lineage. Why! because these brigands  made war on God’s people, as they crossed the Red Sea. After this enemy was crushed and driven into an exile, they gradually arose down through time, and now are laced out through our Republic, in continuing to battle God’s people. Every great leader, politician, king, queen, etc., has been polluted with the Esau blood lineage. Against God’s will, Esau married an Hittite. He has been designated as ( RED). Esau was of the lineage of Abraham. Further, Esau was of the lineage of SHEM, son of Noah. Since SATAN is the PRINCE of this world, corrupt globalists Red-run  Stock exchanges keep well-heeled sycophants in office. The RED blood line controls NATO and the United Nations Organization. We have a Mongolian monster, of this Red lineage, within every seat of national government. Not one religious web site reveals this information, for they feed from the same trough, NATIONAL TREASURY, of which pro-reds glory in supporting socialism!


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