You have a tremendous comprehension on both sides of the isle.With level of limited education I can recognize intellectual honesty.
All the folks within this site would really have a let down if you were leave them, and hanging loose. I don’t care if u drop my comments completely, for its critical that follow your instincts in the love of truth. There is an old maxim: familiarity breeds contempt.) This can take place within your site. The scriptures warn: never trust in the arm of flesh). Osteen,
Graham, Hagee, Hinn; for Satan has them in his yoke of monetary bondage. I do not condemn them; for maybe they know no better, but, as to the mobs with itching ears, all are led to the slaughter like driven lamb.
The late Winston Churchill, England’s Prime Minister during WW11 often pondered: one must get to the bottoms lord root of the matter). Attuned to this consideration, one must break the back of a national empire of religions, and their folly of falling into the trap of the world of materialism. The present administration in office has reversed Churchill’s pondering, and has the matter of political gangsterism nailed down as the root, while the matter of congressional intuition as public officialdom, pigeon holes any matter of which constituents seek redress.

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