All across America our national government has spread its incipient anti-social gangrene of misery and shame and the neglect of citizens, masquerading under the banner of pseudo democracy. This network of confederated scoundrels consisting of a pack of mad dogs, functioning in league with natural-born criminals, having ties to invisible monsters nesting within all governments of Western civilization. This elite class of pathological liars and swindlers through the control of news industries have magnified their hold over our Republic, as vampires sucking the blood of ready made zombies, of which had formerly had their brains dug out  through elevated education. Intellectual syphilis is a soft-shoe attitude of mentally-starved professors, caving into into Marxists programmed political elephantiasis. This circus is a curse out of hell.
                  This class of dirty-bastards have ham-strung this America far back as to the late President Teddy Roosevelt. This distraught individual pigeon-holed any decent act of honesty within Germany. He lived by slander. Yes, right through the late President Woodrow Wilson, another mad-dog and mass-murderer, and a pro Bolshevist tool, left a legacy that was drawn from the depths of hell. Yes, two scoundrels, public representatives down to late Harry S. Truman, another gangster and prayer-book traitor, was surrounded by alien spies and psychological swindlers. All, in all, America has been put on the chopping block for a future global scheme, in order to enslave the West through a secretive nest of bastardized miscreant devils in the flesh, Neanderthals, shielding their movement behind a fraudulent and counterfeit religious scheme. This can of worms has now made a well-calculated move to incite nationwide communist inspired mobs to open a class-war. It is too late to reverse the revolution spreading over America at this moment. It is communism or a police state for America.
              Defiantly, Sodomites is at top in spouting Constitutional perceptions. Millions of citizens believe that such individuals have their right to live as intended. But, to many citizens this consideration is wrong. No one should use congressional banditry for social determination.. Let the people and state sovereignty. Many a traitor have black-mailed such citizens, while spying for alien nations. The communist party USA comprehends this. Their is a question as to how far. All past Presidents were surrounded with traitors and Neo-Eastern World tactics via spying. The gang in power at this moment is flushed with universal socializing revolutionaries. Several states are under Bolshevism, civil unrest, and the administration in office is leading the pack. Our Republic is under attack. We rid all states under pro-commie direction.
Naturally, sodomite social indifference falls squarely into the mist of banking and Bolshevism. One, sodomites, take a stand–banking is the twirler-bird and rogue-industry, for it is wrong laying interest on loaned-moneys. Slavery is an infidel’s rule, through the control of interest. Soul-searching through this social operative of combined human beings brings on anti-social conflict, in that each partial of humanoid activity is checkered into the whole. a national machine of collective wealth is in management through criminals in civil office. The ignorant, super-ignorant, and the ulterior ignorant have become amused at the grand touring industries across the nation. Here we have the blind masses in control, why communist in power milk them through over taxation as the City/County management form of rule become masters over individual serf domes. This.This system is organized political gangsters laboring ignorantly of incipient communist. Like greased lightening tax-payers are swindled out of the daily earnings.
              Each testatrices has become an enclosed mob garrisoned via invisible borders. Our commie-infested national government. One might name confederated institutions fronting for national government, but are one and massive organization composed of the Federal Reserve working hand-in-glove with the bank of England. Three individuals pretty-well have say over Western-global financial affairs. Are not commies, Fascists, dictators, pontificates, Bolsheviks, revolutionaries or pilots of political prostitutes. Their crime is possessing too much stolen wealth, through interest and controlling major news industries. Without the Western pseudo-religious movements these three would be in jail.
It is no surprise that Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, has an international arrest warrant out for one of these individuals. In America, the gangsters in office should be held for high-treason, for giving aid and military adventure on alien soil. It is not strange that the national Guard, FEMA, SWAT, FBI, police, nor the President, makes an armed attempt to control commie-run revolt within each state. Revolutionary criminals have moved into state affairs, to increase Marxian revolutionary increment. Bolshevism is a deadly menace amidst Christian nations.

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