Living heroes do not die, they just fade away. well, if not deseased, now and then one might stick around. And this is America’s national news media’s hang-up. This gang of anchored down pinheaded clowns, claiming to harbor a hang-up on a professional agitator, that has literally parasited off of uncle sam, from the day of birth. Oh, sure,  we have a heroe among us, and well groomed for years under the Tax-payer’s coat-tails. But, is this Presidential material? If hugging up on Netanyahu carries weight, it would be possible, but this pro Zionist agent ( a thorn of Zionism ), is of alien intrusion from Asia. Palistinieans deplore imported Zionism into its territory. Well, Netanyahu has his ( heroe )

fully charged in maintaining a Congressional seat. Naturally, this political prostitute would love to climb higher, however, the need is to skirt non-heroes is clear. This is one lead balloon that will not fly.  America does not need another world war. Maybe this heroe should find a decent life of privacy.


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