There is an unknown mankind completely in the hands of dyed in the hearts criminals. They walk the streets throughout America. The spirit is passed along into a sort of walking-dead existence. This consciousnesses, zombie-like herd is used by the democrat/republican control of ignorant Homo Sapiens. Democracy is the political floor-matt, of which such devils have created hundreds of years past.

History verifies that a specifics norm of flesh and bones may not have a soul. These mental criminals existed long before the Neanderthal inhabitants of Indo-Europe and ancient Pilt-Town residents of Africa. Certainly, no connections to earlier Chaldean nations. Evidence is that these unseen beast have no religious not civilized estate, other than to globally destroy all the inhabitants of this earth.

Notwithstanding the belief that a Great Deluge completely destroyed unruly mankind, and that Noah and his offspring survived, we have evidence that some sort of half beast, part humanman had existed. Religion has played no part with renegades and such creatures, that roamed the earth thousands and thousands of years when no history was recorded.
Of course, these animal-like creatures left evidence through hundreds of miles under ground dwelling for food, shelter, and invasions. In those days
Human flesh was the prey for meat. There were very few species of animal-life. Cannibalism, the drinking of children’s blood, phallus worship, sleeping with the dead, and necromancy was normal. With this tribe of abnormal existence, masochism did not exist; for they all survived in the order of ingrained masochism. In other word, in devilish nature, there was no inhibitions of sub-normal criminality.

Psychiatry, psychology, and pathological social engineering is only humbugging if the clock was tuned backwards to really comprehend, from whence modern-day, contemporary history, is so fraudulent and transparent to the trained eye.

In profound reasoning we know that a blind-hog can find an acorn in the dark. The question: Par chance, the vast majority of national citizenry roam the streets in allowing the dead to legislate to the living.
Unconsciously, this is proof that many people struggle along as home-made zombies. Such intelligentsia would find it more comfortable to bed down in cemeteries. Our Creator said: ” Let the dead bury the dead.” This soul-searching of political crippling is under pseudo-democracy never
elevate the mob’s possible yearning, by considering a collective thought: Where was Moses when the lights went out? Well, religious personifications appear on stage. This is out of the question and no qualification that parallels the present. This is because the world’s black/white noble elite rulerships are following the exact standards of pre-Adamites.

Both illicit political parties, democratic/republican are agents, spirit’s of those same murderers and blood-thirsty, soulless creature’s blood line and born criminals.

The question is the dead legislating to the living does appear in the political lime-light as a new control of societies through out our USA. These lame-duck political ventures are coined as ( The City/County form of local government. Hog is the only personality in warning of a state within a state transpires across the original forty-eight states. the last two-states are necessary being located involved. This enlarging political devised gangrene operation is in the hands of illicit money-changers on the surface.
All are petty-dictatorships in the arms of universal finance. this unruly machine is the final move of Marxian political showmanship. America is occupied through illicit investors taking control from it’s original owners, of which is the Federal Reserve. Our republic is being thrown to the dogs of war. A new world conflagration is the only way for the ancient spirits to literally liquidate God’s people from the face of this earth. True, the dead’s spirit of ages past through mental telepathy lead souls and damned fools
right into consideration of pro-Bolsheviks. If succeeding, will eventually lead innocent souls, and our misinformed intelligentsia right into another French-like revolution of 1792. All intellectuals and police authorities will be guillotined. Praying and to stand guard is our final hope.

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