When political gangsterism had finally colluded their hold over forty-eight states, through pseudo democratic political infidelity, Eastern world Oriental religious fundamentalism’s spread into the nationalistic humanity stream of American nationalism rolled over and began its original many nations, as one-nation under God. As two more countries were politically grandfathered in, the dye was cast.  America is absolutely a national metropolitan sewer. Of course, French, British, and American banking interests was the apparent invisible host. Outside of America becoming a melting pot, our ailing republic staggers along the path of poverty under the fiat money scheme, as gold is being hoarded among all alien nations that accept Petro dollars. When a two-party organ systematically commit political ancestry, and fail to abort one of their own worms, then political rape will continue to download into captivity alien religious and political intentions, as hanging on under democracy.
And finally, we end up with many disloyal sons of bitches in control.
Absolutely, our republic is doomed. The one-nation theory has run its course. From the four corners of our country are sewer lines, that meet in Washington. This is criminally calculated, in order to congeal national hooliganism, as a tool in allowing human muck and mire, as a machine, functionalist on the opium of liberalism. The theory of one nation rule has been splintered. We now have citizens of all nationalities harboring a spirit of revolt.
Our republic is tottering under an insider network of concealed global political revolutionaries. All fifty states have been infiltrated and the thunder of pent up freedom of expression is dimly recognized, under the cover of sports, and the ever expanding sexual perversion, in crippling the most elite state ruling classes. Yes, from top to the bottom, North, South, East, and West, certified political hoodlums are squeezing the life out of home owners in order to promote national tourism. Bastards in office– most of them, do not have the decency, or self-respect, to honestly  occupy any legitimate outhouse. These dung  divers live a life of privatized cheating and swindling.  Their only hope is to run for some public office of parasitism. This sort of human decay makes up the democratic conventions before Presidential selections. What is wrong with America today. Simple! No one is fit for any public office. If qualified to do so, one sells his soul to Satan. In fact, the worm, Harry Solomon Truman in taking office, stated: I have gave my soul to Satan. At least, he was honest in admitting to serve Satan, and his gang of log-rollers during WW11. Off into infinity,
rotten bastards in office live lives as human dung herders by way of over-payed sycophants– And to hell with America.

POLITICAL DUMPSTER DIVING into third world internal affairs in order to plunder raw material and fuel is open rape and illicit plunder of helpless humanity. The whole problem is with investors, as organised racketeers.  Most of these low-class scoundrels live in foreign countries. Immigration is not the real threat to our national economy. The criminality of alien investment control is a master crime being funneled loans  through the National Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This is a low-class of sons of bitches in criminal activity that should be imprisoned.

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