Both of you have nailed the problem on the head, but inevitably the buying public, at least those who have not become aware of the corporate strongholds, have been the supporters for much this activity. The other is the inability to create enough protest to see any response. We all must learn to curb our appetites for the material things, new and trendy. And begin to reuse, recycle and rethink our use of our hard earned money. Functionalism and quality should take over their desires to have, and be able to discard and replace. It’s a bit late in the game but it will still effect some change.
Unfortunately there are some things which we require which feed the corporations but that will change as we can replace oil /ga/diesel with newer energy developments.
The tax exempt banks, offshore corporations tax exemption status, and accountability sufficient to stymie further attempts, are all co-conspirators in this world and it is bleeding is dry.
But that’s what they want. Freud remarked, in this paraphrase, “if we keep people at a point where survival is their main concern, their interest in greater problems will be distracted to a point where our survival becomes or primary focus allowing for further problems to arise. ” Makes sense.
We see it all around. People working for less money than before, yet they have the latest electronics (by example) which allows them to focus on entertainment rather than politics. It goes for sports, music and related. If you have time for both while you’re working and raising children you are among the rare.


3:25 PM

 Elevated education is actually digging the brains out students.These gangsters you so cleverly rolled over have turned to funneling moneys into our national educational industry—–-yes, an absolute intoxicated system being held up on stilts. It actually pays to be ignorant. I have little education. I made the mistake of voting for the late Eisenhower I have never voted since.This sadistic low-grade bastard is one of the most ant-i social human animals ever setting foot on God’s great earth. You mentioned Sigmund Freud. He harbors phallus worship and is not Jewish. He is right in line  with Turk/ mongol species. Most people around me are surrounded with vast electronic amusements, that are useed to dazzle one with brilliance, or to baffle one with B——S—-

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