Crime, corruption, poverty and disease plus  poisoned food, water, and medicine, is a mater of indifference to a pack of develish political rogues, in nailing down  our contemporary state under Idumean influence and;  their major weapon  of pseudo democracy,  in being occupied by national political religious banditry. Our republic is in the hands of a low-class elite sons of bitches. Political whoredom holds our national government under control as an international wire-pulling syndicated financial social and fascists  monarhism.

                       Absolutely, one must take a singular view as to the manner of a gaugantian cyclops’s’ control of Wall Street and its grasp in line with  the  Bank of England’s influence. The founders of Wall Street were former money-changers. This brotherhood of Mafia orientated investing criminals are allied with the federal reserve.

                       Naturally, the treasury dept. is only a set-up to deceive the public. This most inconspiculous operation commites frogery and collusion as the Bank tof England by-passes this institution. No Presdient has ever come down on this corrupt operation. But, several congressmen warned of this fradulent machinery  of mental  and physical perversion in high seats of national government are merely  professional deadbeats….

                      During the recent Presidential conclivity nine appointees spoke on inconclusive presumptions. No margin of thought, as to the Collective religions over burdening all fifty states working in cahoots with the Internal Revenue Service.  It is an established fact that the governmental supported religious empire is  the mast key in dumbing-down a nation of idle-minded alien indoctrinated philosophies through imported liberalism. Collectively, Congress must commit subterrainian inverted socialism as a cover for liberalism. This is a form of high treason.  Actually, in thr past, when a  Presidentail tool had wormed his way into office, he lay his hand on the Old Testament and took an oath to sustain  Israel. This is about as to treason as one can get. But, then, this  in-house  betraying has been the case back to the late Woodrow wilson. This man was an artist at being a traitor. And of course, this will all ways be the case.

                         Nine men came forward and spoke with tongue in cheeks.  There’re either fools or take rwenty-one million souls  to be uninformed and slaves to a comie inspired nationalal  news  industrie’s rampart disrespect and news extortion of public figures, involved with  political whoredom and possibly criminals . Maybe,  one or two may  be tied in with professional parasitism through office procedure as bag-men for some charitable syndicare.

                         America is under military occupation through FEMA, SWAT, and CIA agents spying on industries Traitors  within the State Department through a Global drug cartel nest  right into the busom of misled citizens to be politically fondled,  and to arouse innocent  souls to actually vote some damned fool into national office  of a pro-commie national confederation of incomparable  comprehension, as to how America has been betrayed in the past and treated as common swine today.


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