The  old maxim that waste products can be rejected from one’s torso through the expidition of useless stored up wastes contrary to individual consumption will releave a democratic fervor via unloaded gobble de gook legislative blockage. One legislator used a trial one that failed, :  “ Hello,

i just tried a coffee enama. An expelled everything, but i have a question. Throughout the day i would feel like i would have to go. And the onlt thing that would come out would be this mucous looking stuff, like little globs of it.

What is this, intestinal lining, intestinal mucous, or Candida. Is this a good thing to expell ? “ ( In parahrasing, Hogorina would suggest that prior to belly wash and colon flushing such political plants must understand that their psychic process is not an alien misgiving mind-bending mental process to be separated from the all over vegitative cognition as aliened with the gut. We might add in borrowing from psychology today. To be plagiarised:  Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and  ( paraphrased. Congress is a group and collected individuals of which suffer IRANIANITIS. Our nation is in the hands of hand-picked political idolatry. This is the belly-wash that that clings to colons. Too, a mind-set to protect the state of israel. Under this alien influence is the gut-wrenching in concealing that Congress is a syndicated nest calculating scoundrels. primenister Netanyahu and Obama wades through both houses as a mud-puddle. Under pressure that Vladimer Putin of Russia has no colon stoppage. His canals has been flushed into the Cremia. Nato has become a thorn in its overstepping its illegality through falce implications of pesuing internationalism.  The Near and Middle East is armed by the influence of oil-seeking Western-world mongols, Again, Congress is bowel-locked because of collective nervous dysfuntional personality suppression. The adrellinin and potuitary glands are over-reacting in creating intenal bowl functioning. We wonder why Congress is fighting to maintain inlaid corruption. Constipation is natural when nervous systems become chemically disruped.  Our Congress suffers from elephantisis. It reminds our nation of the crockergator. This beast is the meanest creature upon the earth. This is because it has a tail on each end of its body and cannot get rid of waste.  Good advice to Congress is to keep a crate of Equate Enema on hand–Saline Laxative. And before sending drones and stingers over Iran that kill both Christians and ISI elements please remember that Netanyahu has no intestanal problems or worms.  


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