Politicians harbor hellish notions while poets attest to divine intuition. We reach back to the late book burner, Teddy Roosevelt, the master of official roguiush and a bombastic nature to incite intellectual hypocrisy as defined: high-sounding, high-flown, low-esteem, inflated , pretentious. Nothing has changed! Presidential political idolatry is political whoredom’s paradise.
Ezra Pound tried to warn of the cause of WWII and was put into St.
Elizabeth insane asylum in Washington, D.C. without a trial. Formerly, he was arrested in Italy, locked into an open cage for public view. He was the master of poetry in his day. He hated fascism and pseudo democracy. Not convicted!

William Joyce, teacher and poet, was hanged for treason against a country
not of his own origins. Too, he tried to warn of approaching industrial
fascism as allied with London’s City of Gold. This private political industry was tied to universal socialism in alliance with America’s District of Columbia. Both of these private operatives connected control of the Bank of England and the federal reserve located in Washington. Joyce was hanged in warning of predatory world Bolshevism.

Sylvester Vierieck, born and raised in America, was ruined by Teddy Roosevelt, in warning of an
approaching world war I. Sylvester castigated Teddy as a possible future war mongerer with Germany. For this, all of this poet’s books were pulled from book stores over night. Contemporary political whores are allied in full spiritual obligations of which soul spiritual ties to modern day Near Eastern political ramifications embroiling Arabia and Palestine. Vierieck recognized this and had determined that American freedom of speech was oppressive. Yes, indeed, Teddy was the first book-burner ever born within America. Denominated traitors in national government follow this method to day, as our national news media is under communist control.

Eustace Mullins, four years in Army during WWII, political poet, had written a book, “ The Federal Reserve ) spoke out against treason in politics and its ties to the massive global syndicated financial empire. In essence, Mullins became a thorn in the side as to who was holding America into financial bondage. His book, The Federal Reserve, was torn from the shelves of all book stores in Europe, banned and burned. This is evidence that pre-planned financial mogals do enslave London and America. Any political manifestation out side of THE LONDON CITY and THE DISTRICT Of COLOMBIA in America are merely insignificant and tools in the hands of a gigantic nest of universal monetized racketeers doing the work of globalizing an international socialist movement in dragging down Western civilization. The FBI trailed Eustus mullins until the day he passed away.

Earnest Hemingway, political poet, who wrote “ For Whom The Bells Toil “ in his final hours committed suicide. This giant of a writer left a letter in explaining his demise as a writer. Earnest had written, confirmed, that to become a writer one must get into line and use the same anti-social filth that book manufacturing declared as rudimentary culture, and of which was metaled down within the printing industry was nothing more than filth. Taking his life, this great man of our day killed himself. His daughter [?], followed her father’s footsteps in taking her own life. She too, had no alliance for the filth of which was an attack on christian culture.

The most astounding thing is that these great poets spoke by premonition.
These versifiers harbored a gift from a divine source. We call them modern day
linquisitional oracles, in order to console contemporary adulterated colloquialism.


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