The original beginning point for the so named Gulag  that ignorant  citizens are corraled is   several governmental agencies administering as future holding camps as the soviet enforcing state police powers had sat up in the 1930s unril the 1950s. Today, western christian civilization political criminality is enmeshed berween he jaws of Russian orthodox state religious powers and America’s religious empire as both global powers are political putty in the paws of The City of London, global ruling elite in the grip of the Rothschilds empire of wealth. The sudden ressurection of a Soviet Gulag under vladimir Putin to handle disidents  previously under Joseph Stalin  is a state anarchy. America has an autocracy following the same methods of police state administration as the Soviet system as sat under I.V.Lenin in 1917. Soviet and pseudo democracy are tools of internatonalists



Within the past decades London bankers, the Rothschilds, worked behind the scenes with specific founding fathers, in planting illicitly the TREATY doctrine  with both Tories and Whigs. The ancesterial blood line of ancient Esau has communised America.

The  fall of ourRepublic was well thought of in advance. International financiers wire

pulled this deal off after the Constitution was ratified, and the treaty

weapon was inserted. We can scream Gulag as we please, but a global

religious war is the third rail that political deviants  avoid.  Adding to

this insult, was creating a nine justice membership to the Supreme

Court now systemized as the  ( Sanhedrin ).  In essence, one plant like Kegan can arrange  a tie vote  and compel

compell three hundred million Americans what to do. Communism is thought

control. Gulags are adjuncts of pseudo political whoredom . One never bites

the hand that feeds them. Bread from a two-party feeding trough is

better than plowing some field through sweat and brawn, while using a

mule’s behind as a compass. Shakespeare and Machiavelli were never

proclaimed patriots. Both pseudo political whoring parties and their

being controlled by a national syndicate of prospective social

engineering have be -damned America, to the point of no return. The mass

media is in alliance with traitors within the highest echelons of

national government. The only real Gulag is the invisible rule through a

Congress that has no gall to break with the approaching collectivism,

of an ever encroaching national nihilism, that has been subconsciously

ingrained via alien invasion, through higher education. We have may

horses in waiting, but not one Patrick Henry to spread an alarm, nor

Thomas Paine to openly pulpit the rights and duties of the elected, to

proclaim freedom for America, and to hell with any Oriental perceptions

that manage to spread openly amongst a people of whom are blinded by

political traps, to lead men back into mental slavery–THOUGHT CONTROL


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