Bertharina Rina Very good points. It is true that we are seeing yet another potential religious war between Christian Russia and the atheistic Jewish powers (ZOG). It is also very well stated as you mentioned the Gulag system which is slowly taking place here in America. Jade Helm, FEMA, DHS, etc. Thought control is communism. Although I do hope that enough American dissident voices speak out. There is more of us than them. I’m choosing to be optimistic about our circumstances. This divide and conquer two party system (Red team vs. Blue team) needs to be abolished along with the treasonous traitors who broke their oaths in our government. I hope that perhaps soon the truth will out. All wars are bankers wars.
An international network of sophisticated criminals hold all Americans at bay. We need to do some soul-searching in order to recognized Satan’s gang in national
government. Such low-down bastards are Marxian orientated intellectuals in connivance with the national commie cells
spreading among all fifty-states. Research is that the City/County Management functionary is a liberal movement tied in with the global tourist industry. Most likely, employees are not aware of wire-pullers in the background. The ultimate is to literally tax honest tax-payers of their property. Gradual taxation is one of the Communist Manifestos prime achievements!
The late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Oliver Wendell Holmes, opted : “ that tourist are international scavengers.” What a profound observation!


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