INTELLECTUAL DECAY IS COVERTED GUILT THROUGH A COMPULSION TO OUTRIGHT LIE. GOD HAS ADDRESSED HIS ENEMIES AS DOGS, and those of whom part with pearls to dogs. Our Lord claimed that dogs are vomit consumers. And yet, Mohammadism yiellds to a dog, claiming the devinity of ( ZULU ), with Adam and Eve in the garden. Transubstantiation of neurotic personalties is implanted within barking dogs, ( Nuisance ). Individuals surrounded by barking dogs ( at all hours ) are relieved of masochistic yearnings. This is another measure of erotic behaviour. Usually a question of religious confliction.

If one will look around, there will be hundreds of little booklets knocking everything, and what evolves from the publication of sewage, in the line of ever supporting Protestantism with its break from Catholicis­m. Only the ignorant misunderstand that Protestantism evolved from Catholicism. This being true, designates that both are wrong or one is wrong and the other is correct. With such consideration, it is necessary to do some investigation of earlier Oriental fundamentalists beliefs of one ancient religion known as Gautama. This ancient Gautama was the very basis for Oriental religious fundamentalists. All of us wear thinking caps over intelligen­t brains. Generally, money is the very root of many world religious movements. Have you ever considered that great opposition to western Christiani­ty. Yes, it originated in the Orient. Have you ever been informed that the seed line of Abraham is God’s chosen seed line. Do you know from whence one of Noah’s sons that you have descended through. Try searching the origins of Ham, Japhet and Shem. Have you ever taken the time in discoverin­g just who controls the pro red-cells infiltrated fifty states.Intresteringly, Most mad men of global leadership loved dogs—ancient Pharoahs included. The

attempt here is to reveal that mankind harbors animalistic instinctiveness, and geared to self-survival, and as trained., mankind

Homo Sapiens, lives a pattern of behavior that is characteristic of a species and is often a response to specific environmental surroundings. Some where from the suppositional disposition of a ZULU in the beginning, the common mutt of contemporary society fills the void between previous canine exisrence. Mutt grooming and transubstantiation becomes a peerage cliche opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.: “the old cliché “one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Craftness of men through emperical religious movements offers up the wafer and wafer and replaces devine atonement. In retrospec, the masses suffer from the ( PERSONALITY SUPPRESSION COMPLEX SYNDROME. ) The late Socratese opted: “ That a life not worth examining is not worth living.”

Clearly, witnin our nation it’s dogs, politians and parasites..It is mentally dangerous to rely on other’s insinuatio­ns and reason, in trying to influence many to think with a one way mind. Having never seen nor read the hand book mentioned, ( Political Phobia ) , warns many that politicians are finding fault without qualificat­ion. Please keep an open mind, for we have many sorry political devising bastards in the line of pseudo political avenues of contrary truths, that the world is only a fool’s paradise, and that America should continue on as a hunting ground for political whores in office.

Further, when searching out modern Christology, the national religious empire, take into the historicity of religious ties to the national treasury. Here we have a double standard contrary to our Constitution. No doubt about it, the control over all religions are state orientated. In America when things go wrong, one runs from one denomination to another, in order to reconcile guilt complexes. Here Satan is drug up, in trying to palm off self-induced, personality debiilitation..

Without contemplation, through political demogogery,a gradual sinking and wasting away of mind or body has been a long waiting period for the great Parousia, ( God’s earthly return ), to take place. More than likely, much longer before the expansive eschalogical false man made- teachings will come to the truth voluntarily. The world is under the influence of an invisible society that is supportive of global Pan Theosophy, Pan finance, Pan Russia and Pan Orientalism. America is headed in this direction. Since the national publishing industry is a tool, and a product, on the threshing floor of universal socialism, it would be wise to ignore off-color information and learn the earthly gospel, as to how national political whoredom has fallen into the hands of universal financial control in whipping our national population in line with universal socialism under control of planted agents in national government as parasites, These agents of infidelity are nothing but tools and professional liars in league with a national crime syndicate infecting all states in rubbing the noses of decent citizens into the muck and mire of scoundrels in high seats of government. The truth– Communism is the very root of corruption in America!.

Hound grooming and barking dogs dulls one’s inercia regarding one’s inercia towards truth.

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