In 1941 a famous journalists, John Gunthener, the then top war correspondent for the New York Times, met with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Small talk was brief until Gunther probed the President con concerning a Pan American high way from America into South America. John’s concern was the future safety of America being swarmed with millions, walking into Washington and literally taking over national government without firing a shot.

    Today, a Pan American passage way is ready-made for this invasion of our national continent. The question remains. Will Congress and the State Department slow down the invasion of swarms in comprising with man-like locusts invading and destroying a christian, descendants of Anglo Saxon civilization.
    We take a look at the sad situation in Syria. At one time it was only Assyria. Now we have Syria. Syria is the home for political criminality. Formerly, Assyria was an empire from the loins of one of Noah’s sons. Over the years that nation was split into two states. The technique of Israel’s division go back to ancient Egypt. This nation had slaves and an enemy within to nourish rebellion among God’s people. Several thousands of years later, contemporary religions are infested with the seed-line of ancient Esau. Israel,
    counterfeit, still nourishes the whims and wiles of satanic infiltration. America is wedged in between Esau’s gang and God.

    If we take the bull by the tail and to look the situation square into its face, we will have a double-take of a wall-eyed fool of whom commits complete self-destruct via voting for the two-party bastards responsible for refugees fleeing Syria. This terrible global crisis is the balancing-bar of the Middle East. Spiritual postulation in line with political prostitution is a massive crime against humanity. The main Syrian rebellion is in conflict with the Israel sat up in 1948. Our western Israel was established in 1930. Contrary to our national administration, the gang in the District of Columbia makes and breaks dictatorships over the eastern hemisphere. And the misfortune of fate lays low in the wings of engineered social instability as created in Assyria. American tax-payers fund alien dictators in order to divide man and his God, as held in check by political gravity through the fascist proponents of pseudo democracy. Global wandering nomads that had hindered Moses as a collective mess of mooching parasites are with us today.
    Unfortunately, the trek of mass humanity from war- torn Syria unto the nation of Hungary in walking to Vienna is one of the most deadly anti-social political crimes in the history of so-called America. No western country has the right to enter helpless Third-World Republics via bribing hoodlums in office, as vicious boot-licking bastards straight from the realms of hell are nothing less than a revolutionary spear head for Wall Street investors. These dirty low down bastards are causing innocent souls to flee their homes and driven along the way as common cattle.
    Actually, it melts one’s heart to know that the origin of war on innocent and helpless souls are running from the umbrella of Zionism and its fraudulent manifestations as representing the state of Israel. Israel has a problem since 1948. The Israel sat up in 1930 follows suit. We must break the religious/state machine of . profit and gain at the tax-payers lost. Not until these Gods are separated from political impropriety towards an obscene mind-bending set of self-serving clergymen will true democracy come forth. May God be with these massive souls of whom now are nothing more than global wanderings. Irregardless of one’s sought after God should suffer under an international gang as allied with the Bank of England and the City of London. Ancient Esau’s contemporary blood line ruling aristocracies on earth represent Beezlebub and his family of devils now holding office within our national government.


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