Devils in the flesh who control the scientific engineering of a social being consisting of animal and DNA combinations are attempting to create zombie-like humanoids through flesh and blood experiments with select genetic ancestry in order to reach back into the past civilizations of pure and natural blood lines.

          So far, such mental cripples and servants of Satan have become hogtied in runnung up against the Apostle. Paul was a man of no small intellectual drive. Paul sat at the foot of Gamaliel, the greater thinker in Paul’s day. This Gamaliel was a leading authority in the Sanhedrin Supreme Court in Palistine about the 1st century CE. He died in 63 AD. In Paul’s day Israel kept genological blood lines back to Abraham, around 2000 BCE. Abraham was known as the Patriarck of physical and spititual ancestery of blood line Israel back to the City of UR in Babylonia.


            No doubt, the scientific reasoning to redistrict DNA as a measure in milking down blood lines is a one-way ticket straight from hell. Angels of Satan make plans through any state politician to reorganize humanity as massive meatheads being dumbed-down into mental and physical slavery. This satanic scheme will not stay on course until the family unit of any nation is to become fimilar spirits as allied with anti-social  parliamantarians that make up Congressional banditry. The scheme is to enmesh many nations into one conglemeration as cattle roaming from field to field and held in check by invisibale border bounds. The ideal manner to handle possible cattle is to criss-cross brands to the extent that lineage is lost and individual identity becomes a mere figment of imagination. In other words, voting slaves are led aloft of self-interest via voting their own hangman’s noose.

This lost of identity has tricked American nations into self-hatred. It is important that individuals in Asia, the Oriental, and America, find themselves . DNA ?

             The Apostle paul was sent on a mission by the Sanhedrin to round up christians to be brought back to Palistine to be murdered. On the way to Damascus, Syria, Our Lord, apparition, confronted Paul about his condemning christians. Paul, blinded, fell to his knees and accepted Christ. Yes, paul was a Jew in doing the Sanhedrin’s way of dealing withe of  non-jews. Now this is strange. How could Paul be of jewish extraction? Paul was from the tribe of Benjamin. Contradiction here? NO. This is where devils in the flesh know that DNA is an absolute method to discover true Israel. These hell-bound culturally engineered lunatics are trying to destroy our Creator’s chosen line of saints.

a South Coast City of Asia Minor. Paul at one time said: For I also an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham. of the tribe of Benjamin. Too, I go to the gentile, and soon may go to the Jew. Christ warned : if any man teaches another doctrine he will be damned. Paul was jewish through citizenship in Palistine. Jeus Christ was only jewish because he was born in Palistine.  Christ came through the house of Juda in the family of David. David’s lineage was pure and unpolluted back to Abraham.

Soooooooooooooooo. socially engineering falls short on creating mindless idiots through the trickery of DNA. We now know that our Lord was of pure racial lineage. All nations are children of God. What God has condoned no man will eradicate. Paul turned down jewry and accepted the gospel. On many ocasions he was stoned and beaten and left to die. When ever he rose to his feet our Lord  comanded Paul to go to another city and testament that he,  ( Christ ), was the son of God.



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