The very root and gospel principles of all man-made religious functionaries is the old Testament plus ancient records that has come to light. Catholicism, Protestantism and Judaism accept  the biblical scriptures. No argument here! In fact Mohammadism  bases a belief in the King James of Martin Luther.

            Common sense always give way to authority wherein when gleening over specific passages. No church on earth has authority to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. This authority is passed down from Christ to his apostles by the laying on of hands. Remember, John was baptised by Christ. John had the authority to proclaim the forth coming of Christ.

Further, it was made clear that one must be born of the spirit and baptised to enter the kingdom of God.

             Consider that there is no water in Heaven, then what about ones being not baptised before passing away. Clearly, all the so-called churches, religious functionaries are as dead-man’s bones. Christ most likely classes these man-made institutions as collectivised whores of the world. Where and when did these get the authority to speak in the name of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

                Consider the Apostle Paul as to his conversion on the way to Damascus. Our Lord spoke to Paul in an apparent apparition, of whick paul was blinded. Our Lord told Paul to go into the city to a street named Straight. There Paul was met by a Christian that baptised Paul and his sight was regained. You, see, Paul was given the authority to do Our Lord’s work. Can you name any religion that had gotten previous authority through Christ to preach the gospel. Noooooooooooo!  All of them are harlots doing Satan’s work in leading ignorant souls to a misapprehension that devils are in tune with divine ordinance.


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