God condemned Israel for a whoring after strange Gods.  Yes, today, various religious set ups run to and from in line with priestcraft and unauthorised authority to preach the gospel. More conflict arises when various denominations lose sight of divine intuition, as Satan and his gang deploy their trade of spiritual fraudulence. Pseudo democracy is the major bed fellow of misled christians, of whom father their major enemy, imperialism, through armed conflict  to be involved in the Middle East affairs and their Gods. The main event is israel’s God and Mohammed’s impertinence. But, then, Israel seems to be inappropriate with its illicit conduct within  the United Nations Organization. It must be assumed that imbedded criminals deposited down within our national administrative parlance is using doublespeak, in creating a hell on earth, in steamrolling an incipient America into socialism.
It is an indisputable fact that the heathen nations of the world actually mention God more than christians societies of the West. This is because there is one Creator. Spiritual water seeks its own level. The vast criminality of illicit investors controlling the Federal Reserve is a pawn in the hands of the vatican, the City of London and the District of Columbia. Under the scheme of global humanity,  degenerative industries in the name of democracy, spread man-made religions. Godly fear, plus rockets and drones   under the cloak priestcraft, loot raw materials and enslave humanity.
It is an established fact that our nation is being fed political sewage from the halls of congress. Likewise, the state department  is nothing more, or less, than an idle-dumpster, as a holding slot for mentally crippled introverts. All-in-all, Nothing but a practical joke of scallywags, in alliance with bribery and flesh hounds. These characters would marry the devil in order to obtain consideration to
visit Parisian red-light districts and collect antiques.
Our nation’s rush to doom was manifested years past , when Nikita Khrushchev stood before Congress pounding his shoe heel on the podium, shouting we will take America without firing a shot. In attesting to alien political/religious hoovering over Capital Hill,
is the height of fruition of inward corruption. Collective religious harlotry is demonstrated, when the Pope of Rome stands before Congress. How much more are we engrossed with alien religious empires. Netanyahu of Israel stood before Congress and demanded a war with Iran. This is Zionism’s poster-boy. least of all is that Protestantism has lost its footing with millions, as the splintering of its faith has discovered new Gods all rolled into one.
Yes, indeed, compromising faiths of various strains have created another God at contemporary Mt. Sier, Washington, D.C. The late President, Ike Eisenhower, proponent of imperialism and mass-murderer warned congress that, (he) and Congress worshiped at the tomb of Karl Marx in compliance with Communism. Marx’s tomb is at High Gate cemetery in London. In America we erect monuments to traitors and slabs of concrete to
brave patriots. Since the national administration has bastardized a once great republic a public dumpster should be placed near the Washington monument, symbolic of phallus worshipers ruling America.
In actually, this is a spiritual war of orthodox Catholicism   and unorthodox Protestantism. The state of Israel established in 1948 is the very root of PAC  influence within congress. God has watched Israel in ancient days in the matter of spiritual whoredom. His people have been called down through the ages, as religious harlotry took His children down a notch or two, as a whoring after strange flesh. Instrumental in America’s downfall. The butchers of this republic sit in high seats, shuffling back and forth with self falsification, in committing high treason, thinking that plato and his Socrates could have been absolute fools. The mentioned bastards do mingle within and without misled-Israel. Truly, God hates religious whoredom. As to the illicit clergy nestled down in all fifty states is demonstrated that Beezlebub and his family of devils have offended the God of Israel, and the Israel under Netanyahu has seen its final days. If not, why cannot Iran be tamed into submission to a future One Word criminally denominated police state? SIMPLE!
The dead cannot be resurrected. And God hates ignorance. A divided nation cannot stand. This nation’s citizens do mourn!

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